Syoss Keratine & Repair shampoo & conditioner

Today I’m reviewing my current favorite shampoo & conditioner combo. When it comes to haircare I am not too picky. I change up my shampoo and conditioner ever time I run out of a certain combo and after using up the Yes to Carrots combo I used previously I decided to try a new one. I have had good experiences with the Syoss Restore range, but since that has been discontinued, I decided to try something new.

Syoss Keratine Hair Perfection shampoo
Syoss Repair Therapy conditioner

I picked up the Syoss Keratine Hair Perfection shampoo and Repair Therapy conditioner. I most likely bought them on some 2 for 1 deal, which is when I always buy my haircare products. Most drugstores have different deals on every week so if there is one product for which you don’t have to pay full price it is haircare. In fact, Kruidvat has a deal going on right now, so if you want to pick these up for cheaper, then now would be a good time. The shampoo costs €5.49, the conditioner €4.69 and each bottle contains 500 ml of product.

Syoss Keratine Hair Perfection shampoo

My hair isn’t too fussy when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, but one thing I really have to pay attention to is that the products I use nourish my hair. If not, my coupe turns into one giant ball of frizz on top of my head. I selected this shampoo on the promise that it boosts. The writing is in Dutch, but this shampoo is formulated for dry and lackluster hair. It is supposed to give shine, strength and pliability to your hair.

Since this is a drugstore product, I do not expect the moon from a shampoo ingredient wise. Hydrolized Keratin and Almond oil are high up on the list though, so that sounds promising. It does contain SLS: a foaming agent, so if you react badly to a chemical like that, this shampoo is not for you. The claims on the bottle indicate that the keratin in this product should repair your hair every time you wash it because it rebalances the amount of keratin present in the hair. It should smoothen hair and make your hair shiny and vibrant.

The product itself is quite liquidy and contains a subtle shimmer which does not mean you end up with shimmers in your hair thankfully. It has a strange golden color and when adding water it changes into a nice thick lather. It foams up, but nothing too strenuous and I don’t find this strips my hair in any way. It cleans my hair without making it squeaky clean.

Syoss Repair Therapy conditioner

Just like the shampoo, my conditioner should be nourishing for my hair. I find that a good conditioner should defrizz my hair, without weighing it down. I like products that allow me to maintain my natural wavy hair. The conditioner is formulated for dry and damaged hair. It promises to make your hair easier to comb through and lessen the amount of breakage of the hair by 90%.

Ingredient wise, this conditioner looks a little less good compared to the shampoo. There is still some keratin and almond oil in this product, but it is much further down the list. Instead, the main ingredients are alcohol (the right kind) and silicone. The aim of this product is to smoothen your hair and help you to easier comb through your knots. It should also strengthen and improve the structure of the hair (just like the shampoo) and this should combat frizziness by minimizing the amount of breakage of the hair.

The product itself is very creamy. Once lathered up, it takes on a rather gel like substance. I always tie up my hair after applying conditioner and rinse it off just before stepping out of the shower. This means that the conditioner gets some time to sink in and do what it is supposed to do.

My overall experience with these products is that these do exactly what I need them to do. My hair has not been overly frizzy and where my hair felt quite dry after summer, I feel that right now it feels nice and soft. It is easy to style up and I have been dealing with less frizz overall, especially after washing. I find I can easily use dry shampoo now. Where it used to cause one big frizz fest, right now, my hair keeps on looking shiny and pliable. If you saw my get ready with me video last Saturday, you could have seen the effect these products have. I don’t think anyone would guess I am dealing with 3rd day hair in that video. Yes, these are a shampoo and conditioner that I feel do something great for my hair and I will definitely repurchase.

What are your recommendations for dry, frizzy hair?

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  1. Hi , recently I have done rebounding karetin with highlight so plz tell me I can use syoss shampoo conditioner and oil in cream actually my salon lady told me u can use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner so plz confirm I can use or not…

    • Hi! I would love to help but seeing this blog post is a few years old and I am no haircare specialist I cannot give you an answer. I would go in store and check the ingredient list yourself before you decide to buy.

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