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If you know me than you know that tea is pretty much all I drink at home. In summer I switch it up with some water just to stay hydrated, but 90% of the time I will be having a cup of tea. It is my favorite drink, because it comes in so many different flavors and I have different teas for different moods. One of my favorite tea brands is Twinings, but I like trying out different brands such as Yogi Tea, Celestial Seasonings, Dilmah, English Tea Shop, Clipper, and Pukka. A brand I had heard of but hadn’t yet tried is Teapigs.

When it comes to tea, I can be quite picky. I like my teas to pack a decent amount of flavor, which is why I dislike most standardly available brands such as Pickwick or Lipton. To me, they taste like watered down versions of tea, as the tea leaves are ground up into nothingness, meaning you have to steep your cup for hours and still get next to no results. Teapigs is a brand that promises to give you a ton of flavor with every cup. Teapigs do some interesting flavors, but aren’t the cheapest: you pay around 4 pounds for a pack of 15 bags.

I bought mine from Selfrigdes foodhall, because I didn’t want to pay for shipping and I was in London anyway earlier this year. However, they are available online too and they ship internationally. The flavors I picked up are a Moroccan mint, Liquorice peppermint and Chocolate mint. I love minty teas and that’s why I bought those rather than your standard black tea, which I rarely have.

Teapigs sweet treat liquorice and peppermint

The teas come in these cute and handy cardboard boxes with a transparent plastic bag inside to keep the tea fresh. Mine look a bit mangled as I put these in my suitcase when I was traveling. Liquorice & peppermint is a classic tea for me and I love having it during the winter for a bit of warming up. So far, this is the only tea I tried and it has an incredibly rich flavor: definitely one to have if you’re having a bit of a moment and are craving food. This will certainly take that craving away.

Each package comes with a list of ingredients, some information about the tea and information on how best to brew your tea. Different types of tea require different brewing methods, so if you want to get the best out of your tea, it serves to pay attention to these instructions. As you can see, this tea is nothing but liquorice root and peppermint. Hence the strong the flavor, which is what I love about this tea.

Teapigs marrakesh mint green tea with mint

The most classic flavor I purchased is a Moroccan green mint tea. I generally like green tea infused with mint. Green tea has some great benefits for you, but if you don’t like the flavor of straight up green tea, then buying an infusion such as this one is quite handy. I personally prefer mint over a lemon blend, as I find mint better complements the green tea. It takes away the sourness a green tea can have, and replaces it with a refreshing touch.

Like the first tea I showed you the ingredients of this tea are pure and straight forward. There are no strange additions or other inexplicable ingredients listed. Some teas have so many different ingredients in their blends that they end up tasting like nothing. Since this is so straight up, it’s the reason why the flavor is so bang on and packs a bunch. I can’t wait to try this.

Teapigs retro joy chocolate & mint

Apart from two safe choices, I also thought I’d pick up a cult favorite and something a bit more special. Yes, this is a tea with actual chocolate chip pieces in it. I have tried chocolate flavored teas before, but I never liked them much. I expect this to taste like after dinner mints, only in liquid form. And I am not sure how I feel about that yet. I’m a little bit afraid to try this, but then again, I think this may be a very good alternative to having a cup of hot cocoa.

Ingredient wise, this tea is a bit more complex than the other two. There are some pure ingredients, but also contains added flavorings. The fact that this contains actual chocolate chips, makes me excited for this flavor. Just like the green tea with mint it requires a bit more brewing time. I think I will have some of this on a rainy day, while the wind is pounding my windows. This isn’t the type of tea I’d want to have during spring or summer that’s for sure.

Finally, I thought I’d show you the tea bags. The bags are quite big and substantial. The tea inside isn’t super fine: there are definite chunks of liquorice root visible in the bag. The tea itself turns into a nice warm amber color and is very fragrant and tasteful. I am very hopeful for the other two teas.

What is your favorite tea?

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