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With the festive season upon us, a good glitter nail is a must have to round out your festive wardrobe. That is my opinion at least. I like wearing glitter polishes anyway, but there is just something about the month of December that makes it more apt. It comes in so many shapes and forms that there is always a glitter polish that will suit your needs and look. And that’s why, when I found this rose gold/ copper toned triangle fleck top coat at Next when I was in the UK last spring, I just knew it would be a great addition to my nail polish stash.

Next Nail Color Collection Hard Wearing Bling Top Coat Glitz & Blitz

As I said I bought this for a few pounds from Next when I was in the UK last spring. I have no clue whether this is still available. I can also find no information about this polish online. In fact, when I Googled it, the only reference I found to this polish was my own UK beauty shoplog which I made after that trip. Since it’s been a while since I got this, I no longer remember the exact price and with no information about it available elsewhere, we’ll just have to wing it.

What appealed to me in this glitter polish was it’s unique color. Copper tones are everywhere nowadays when it comes to interior decorating. That and marble seem to be the top two trends and it was only a matter of time before the trend would cross over into different domains. Copper nail polish is therefore not much of a stretch when you think of it. The fact that these flecks look like scrapings of a copper metallic item, makes it all the more interesting in my opinion.

As you can see in the close up of this swatch, the flecks in this glitter have a little bit more to them than just a straight up copper. Mixed in with the reddish toned flecks are some pink ones, which give the glitter more dimension and interest. In some lights this will look a bit more rose gold than copper. The flecks themselves are quite chunky and flaky: they are triangle shaped with some seriously sharp edges. This swatch is of two coats of polish.

I absolutely adore the color of this nail polish, but unfortunately I have yet to wear this on my nails. The problem? I don’t know what base color to pair it with. I usually like pairing my glitters with neutral colors, rather than dark, but I just can’t think of a good combination that would suit this best. A nude would be too boring, a grey would be too cool toned, and I feel that anything bright or dark will take away from the stunning color rather than emphasize it. In other words, I’m stuck, so I need your help! Feel free to answer the following question in a comment:

What base colors would you wear this with?

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