A Christmas-y nail polish haul

Honestly, I hadn’t planned on buying any polish. When seeing these collections being released online, I did not experience my usual: OOOH I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE! moment. Instead, I felt a little lackluster and mwah about it all. And then I saw them in stores. With my own eyes. And then I thought: I NEED THEM ALL! And then you see some more polish that is being sold for cheaper that is near the register and then you fall into that death trap called on the spot marketing. Or maybe I am just a sucker for all things shiny and glittery for nails. Here’s what I got from Essie’s & OPI’s 2015 Christmas collections called Virgin Snow and Starlight respectively.

My newest treasured possesions, aren’t they beauties?

In total I bought 8 different polishes. Two from Essie’s Virgin Snow collection, 3 from OPI’s Starlight collection and 3 from older OPI collection that my drugstore randomly sold. I still though they were all quite Christmas-y and so I figured to swatch them all for you in one grant blog post. These polishes retail for €9.95 each (Essie) to €14.95 each (OPI). But with some discounts, a gift voucher and a great deal on the older OPI polishes (only €6 each!), I didn’t pay full price for these in any way.

OPI NYC Ballet Soft Shades collection Pirouette my Whistle

This first polish is the cutest silver and white glitter top coat. The NYC ballet collection wasn’t one that was high on my radar back in 2012 when it was originally released. So I completely missed out on this. The glitter is very fine, but the sheer white flecks give this polish a little bit more interest. This is the type of polish that I think look great if you are after creating a snow like effect on your nails.

OPI San Francisco Collection First Date at the Golden Gate

OPI’s San Fransisco collection I remember being out, but I don’t think I ever purchased anything from that collection. This red is a great Golden Gate Bridge red, which is what this polish is named after. It is very much an warm orange toned red that looks almost like a creamy brick red in the bottle, but pulls a bit darker in the swatch. And what color is more perfect for Christmas than a red?

OPI Swiss Collection Glitzerland

Next up is Glitzerland: an opaque almost metallic gold shade. Unfortunately my camera decided not to process the pictures I took of the name label, so I hope you will trust me when I say this shade is called Glitzerland. This color was originally released in the Swiss collection, but it is now part of OPI’s regular line. I own another metallic gold shade by China Glaze called Midnight Kisses, but that is more yellow toned and glittery than this one. I find this looks more sophisticated and chic as it is a bit more muted and toned town.

Essie Haute Tub

What a different polish this is! And so difficult to capture on camera, but I tried my best. The swatch looks more black than purple, but the base of this is most certainly that: a blackened purple. But, what you don’t see at a first glance is the greenish shift this has when you move it into the light. You can see it a little bit in the close up picture of the bottle, but the effect was much more noticeable in real life. I can’t wait to wear this on my nails. It will probably one of those polishes where you can’t stop staring at your nails all day.

Essie Apres-Chic

Did I really need a metallic silver? Possibly not, because I already have something like this. However, this goes on less streaky, is more of a true metallic rather than glittery and looks like your finger tips have been dipped into liquid silver. And I really like that effect. A great basic polish to own if you’re into something festive yet nothing too crazy on the nail.

OPI Give Me Space

Give Me Space is a dark blue polish with a jelly type structure with miniature silver glitter specks. I am not a big fan of jelly textured polishes, but since the color is dark, this will cover your nail quite nicely. It is a tad on the sheer side because of that jelly finish, but I find it really suits this polish. This was one of the polishes that I thought would be quite meh until I saw it in real life. When the lights hits it, the blue specks make this polish only more special.

OPI Comet Closer

Is it a silver? Is it a gold? Who knows with Comet Closer? This polish keeps the middle ground between the two. Put it next to a gold and it pulls more silver, put it next to a silver and will look more gold. The secret? A white/ silvery gold base with the teeniest tiniest golden glitter. Because this polish may look like a metallic cream in the bottle, when you swatch this out, you can definitely see the smallest amount of texture going on. Interesting polish!

OPI Super Star Status

On to the star of the show, because I decided to save the best for last. Upon seeing swatches of this polish I didn’t think I’d like this at all. Until I saw the swatch and the bottle in store. This is a chunky glittery silver base with tons of gold and silver glitter to make it even chunkier and more textures. It is almost liquid sand like, without it being called a liquid sand polish. And I personally love liquid sand nail polish. I think that I will be wearing this to my family’s Christmas dinner.

What nail polish do you plan on wearing this Christmas?

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