Last minute Christmas outfit ideas

Seven more sleeps till Christmas and that means that time is ticking away for finding the perfect outfit. Luckily for me, my choice for an outfit was easily made. My mom asked us to wear a Christmas sweater to Christmas dinner, so there is no need for me to try and glam myself up for the day. That is why I decided not to create a lookbook like I did last year, but instead I am bringing you some of the items that I would pick if I got to go glam.

Red structured dress (H&M)

All items I would pick are either from H&M or from ASOS. Those are the only two places I have enjoyed shopping from lately and my first pick would be this red dress from H&M. It is super structured, the color is an amazing bright red and the skirt is full and flowy. It is also quite affordable at €39.95.

Navy lace dress with V-neck (H&M)
Black crushed velvet dress with polo neck (H&M)

Looking for even more affordable options? Then you could try this navy lace or black velvet option. Both lace and velvet make for great festive picks when it comes to textures. Velvet always gives off a much more luxurious feel and lace is always a winner. I don’t own a navy version yet, so this dress would make for an awesome addition to my wardrobe and I have added it to my wishlist.

Green swing dress with fringe (H&M)
Black sequin jumpsuit (H&M)

One thing I do find with H&M items is that if you are willing to spend a little bit more money, you can find some amazing pieces. This green fringe dress has been popping in and out of my online shopping bag ever since I first bought it. However, I feel I cannot justify the 50 euro price tag it has. The same goes for the sequined jumpsuit. For one, I never wear jumpsuits. Secondly, I only wear sequins to Christmas parties. And if you clicked my link to last year’s lookbook, you will have seen I already own a pair of black sequin shorts.

Forest green lace skater dress with circle skirt (H&M)
Dark blue velvet lace patterned dress with volant skirt (H&M)

Now these two dresses I actually ordered a while back. I did feel I wanted a dress that I could wear to my work’s Christmas party which took place last Wednesday. Unfortunately the blue velvet number didn’t look very nice on me, but it most certainly is a really cool dress (just take note that the volant is attached to the bottom by means of an elastic band which leads to very unflattering situations in the hip department). That is why I kept the green dress, which is in fact the same cut as the red dress I wore in last year’s lookbook. It is just a different color and a different fabric.

Glittery silver dress with deep cowl neckline on the back (H&M)

Now something I wouldn’t dare wear, but which I think looks super duper cool is this glittery dress. It looks a little bit plain at the front, but then when you turn around there’s a party in the back. I would have the hardest time figuring out what underwear to wear with it, but if you can pull off a dress like this I am sure you would make for the star stopper of the evening.

Red Christmas sweater (How About Snow?) (H&M)
Penguin print Christmas sweater (H&M)

I already mentioned my mom’s wish of everyone wearing Christmas sweaters for dinner this year and I was a bit torn between the red and the grey. The penguin on the grey sweater is just so cute, but I think the red is far more Christmas appropriate. That is why I ended up ordering the red one in the end. The text is made up of a nothing but glittery sequined so it also has that tacky feel that a good Christmas sweater needs to have.

Wrap detail glitter skirt in black (H&M)
Black velvet A-line mini skirt (H&M)

If you’re not much into dresses and jumpsuits, then a skirt (or a dressy pair of shorts) can also make your outfit look a lot more festive. I bought both these skirts as they fit amazingly well. The glitter skirt I plan on wearing with my Christmas sweater for that extra bit of sparkle. However, I totally intend to wear this once Christmas is over as well. The velvet skirt was surprisingly flattering on and will make for a great staple in my wardrobe, but still with a cute top and a blazer this could be a great classy, Christmas outfit.

ASOS Helsinki heeled sandals

For shoes I would keep things rather simple. A pair of black heeled sandals have been on my wishlist since forever, which is why I am putting them in this post again. A plain black pump or ankle boot would make for a great option as well. Or you could always add a little bit more bling to your outfit and opt for some silver metallic Chelsea boots from H&M.

What will you be wearing this Christmas?

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  1. De groene jurk ziet er super gaaf uit, maar ik heb mijn kerst outfit al. Je hebt mooie items uitgekozen 😀

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