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My favorite thing about the Holiday season? It’s not the food, the Christmas carols or the get-togethers. What makes Christmas Christmas for me are the lights. The reason why I find November drab and January depressing is an overall lack of light in the darkness. I love how Christmas is all about having lights everywhere. So that was the theme I went with when I decorated my home for Christmas this year.

My itty bitty Christmas tree 🙂
Tree: Hema, Baubles: Hema & Wibra, Lights: Hema, Garland: Flying Tiger

For this year’s decorations I repurposed most of what I already had. I only bought a few new bits. So if you saw last year’s video where I showcased my Christmas decorations and think some of this looks familiar: you are very very right. I see no point in buying new ornaments every year or going with different themes for a tree. The only tree I can have is table sized model to begin with and it is hard to find ornaments that suit these little mini trees. So I figured I just stuck to what I already owned.

Box: Xenos, Lights: Xenos

The first element that I feel is one of my most successful ‘projects’ for this year’s decorations is this glass jewelry box. I already had this box on display with some old fake pearl necklaces inside. All I did was add some mini lights on a copper metal wire that are battery powered. Et voila. If you wish to see what this looks like in the night time, I suggest you check out my Things I Love post from a few weeks ago, as I already featured this box in that blog post.

Jar: H&M Home, Lights: Xenos, tea light: Sissy Boy

Sticking with the lights in a box theme, I decided to stick some lights in a jar. I did something similar last year, but then I only had two strings of lights and some baubles in here. This year, I simply added two more strings of light. The battery packs are hidden behind the cluster of lights. The newest additions are the white fluffy lights and the coppery lantern like ones.

Ornaments: H&M Home & Xenos

One item I invested in last year were ornaments and baubles. I bought these specifically with a larger Christmas tree in mind. If I ever decide to get a bigger tree, or a bigger home, then I will at least have some on hand. I bought quite a few more. You can see the rest in last year’s haul. But I apart from these I have some copper and silver stars, a sparkly glass bauble from Hema, and some red sequin and silver pearl baubles. My favorites here are the bejeweled snowflake and the glass bauble.

Glitter lamp: ???, tea lights: Xenos

A staple in my house has been this glitter lamp you see in the background. I have had that since I lived at home in my teen bedroom. It still works and I have it out year round but only really ever use it come winter time. It adds a fun bit of sparkle. These tea lights I have also had for a long time. I used to have a plate which held all of my tea lights together. But I dropped it at the end of January and many of them broke so I now scattered them around the room and bought some to replace the old ones.

Tea lights: Xenos & Flying Tiger

Like I said, my main objective this year was to add a bit of light to my life with the help of fairy lights, tea lights and other light ornaments. I bought the tea lights on the left of this collage this year, the others I already owned. I especially like the snowflake ones as they case a pretty snowflake pattern across the wall. But so do the more geographic patterned ones. These are all copper or rosy toned by the way. I love how the copper adds a bit of warmth to the light that these tea lights give off.

Bell ornament: Flying Tiger, Christmasy berry stalks: Blokker, Lava lamp: Magma.

An overview of one of my set ups. The Lava Lamp I have had for years as well. My friends bought me one for my graduation. The berry stalks I change out for different (fake) flowers as the seasons change. In winter I have these out, in spring it’s faux Gerberas and in fall I have these pretty orange stalks out that you may have seen in the background of some of my videos.

Another way for adding lights is by putting out strings of light. I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this string of star lights, but it probably was at Xenos or Kruidvat or a place like that. They are batter operated and I simply stuck it between books to keep them from sliding down.

Snowflake lights: Ikea, knit ornaments: Flying Tiger, red sequin bauble: H&M home

What I love about lights is that they come in so many shapes and forms. From stars like you saw above, to snowflakes! I absolutely love these and the best part about them is that IKEA sells the lights separately. So technically I could go to IKEA next year and see if they have any other ornament to change up the snowflakes. The snowflakes simply click on, which I think is a clever way to repurpose your old string lights.

Fairy lights: Kruidvat

I also have a string of regular fairy lights up. I used to have a string of greenery with some lights living in this space, but the lights broke and I had been wanting some of these lights since forever. I bought these last year and they are very bright, but tiny and twinkly which is what I like about them.

Hanging geometric copper tea light: Xenos

Not all of the decorations I have put up will be taken down once the Holiday season is over. Apart from the lava lamp, glitter lamp and fairy lights, which are up year round, I will also keep this tea light hanging from my bed. It has a hook that allows you to hang this from its leather strap. I thought it looked so cool and it only cost a few euros, and I think it adds something different to the room.

Geometric copper tea light: Xenos

Last but not least, I also bought this copper geometric tea light. I bought it at the same time as the hanging ornament and the three strings of light which I ended up putting in jars and boxes. That was all I bought for this year’s Christmas decorations. Everything else I already owned.

I hope you liked this blog post. Please let me know where you got your Christmas decorations from by leaving a comment down below. And I hope you all enjoy your Christmas, I am off back to bed now as I have been ill for the past few days. Need to feel better before Christmas!

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  1. karinmeerbeauty Avatar

    Wat een superleuke decoraties! 😊 Heel veel beterschap, hoop dat je snel opknapt!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Vandaag gaat t ietsjes beter gelukkig. Even goed uitzieken de aankomende dagen.

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