3 favorite ways to wear eyeliner

Eyeliner is not something I wear on the daily. I usually go through phases where I like wearing it tons, but most often it’s a step I skip. I envy anyone who can pull off that daily perfect flick, but that type of look just isn’t for me. My eye shape makes wearing winged liner especially challenging, which is why I prefer to simply darken my lash line when I use eyeliner rather than drawing on intricate shapes. I have three preferred methods when it comes to wearing eyeliner and today I am sharing those with you. If you care to see what these liners look like on in different make up looks: I have added links to previous articles where you can see each product in full swing.

My favorite ways for wearing eye liner: eye shadow, gel eyeliner & a felt tip liquid liner

When it comes to eyeliner colors I prefer brown over black. On my pale skin I find black too harsh and combined with my dark eye color and dark eye brow it can easily become one dark blob on my face rather than a nicely defined eye. Brown is a tad softer and more subtle, be it harder to find. Most palettes will come with matte black shadow, but a good dark matte brown: much more difficult to find. And don’t even get me started on the fact that liquid eye liner comes in black 95% of the time. But I found a few true gems that are dark brown that I think you may enjoy too.

Benefit Silky Powder eye shadow in Fishnets

The first form of eye liner that I like to use is eye shadow. A deep dark matte brown shadow is by far my number 1 way of creating eye liner looks. I use it with an angled brush for precise application. This Benefit shadow is my favorite eye shadow to do this with. Unfortunately it has been discontinued, but MAC do some similar shades that can be useful. More recently I have found Undone from Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 to also be a great shade for this purpose. However that is slightly more grey toned.

MAC Fluidline gel eyeliner in Dipdown

Gel eyeliner is a product not many people talk about any more, but as you can see I have loved using this product. This is my most used eye liner, but something I don’t reach for all that often anymore. I like using a fine eyeliner brush such as the Zoeva 315 fine liner brush or Sigma E05. But I also used this on a push liner brush like the Sigma E15, which allows you to push the liner into the lash line much more effectively and create an eyeliner look without making it look too much like you are wearing eyeliner. Dipdown is my favorite color as I find it looks the most natural on me.

Maybelline Master Precise liquid eyeliner in forest brown

When it comes to liquid liner I have never been an expert. The ones I like best are the felt tip liners. Essence do a good budget one, the L’Oreal Super Liner is one I like, but I find that those dry out too quickly. My favorite has thus been the Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner. I went through an eyeliner streak at the beginning of 2015 when I first discovered these. And the good news is: it comes in black AND brown. Hallelujah!

As you can see from the swatches, each type of eye liner will give a very different result. The Maybelline liner is my favorite if I do want to attempt creating a winged liner. However, most liquid eyeliners try to a glossy or satin finish and I am someone who prefers my liner to be matte. The best product for creating a matte finish would have to be gel liner: it goes on opaque and has a deep rich matte finish. Eye shadow, last but not least, creates a subtle more smokey vibe which I think is perfect for every day.

How do you like to wear your eye liner?

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  1. Ik zweer bij de Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner! Ik wissel de zwarte en bruine af en draag ze tegenwoordig bijna dagelijks 🙂

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