How to unplug your life

With technology playing such a huge role in our lives, it is difficult to sometimes not stare at a screen. Keeping a blog in your spare time, like I do, isn’t a very good example of how to unplug. However, there are many things I like to do that keeps technology at bay. As a result, I am not a prisoner to my phone, am still able to go without being online just fine, and am not driven mad by social media alerts. Here’s how I do it!

Feel like you’re spending too much time on your phone, tablet or laptop?
Today I am sharing 5 tips with you how I unplug from the madness.

1.) Put your phone on mute 24/7

Probably my best tip, so why not start the post with it rather than saving it for last, right? I started muting my phone during lessons only at first, but then one day I simply forgot to turn on the sound. I haven’t heard my ringtone in years and if you want to call me, I only do so by appointment only. If I get a call that I have no knowledge of receiving, then I will know it is probably not something or someone I am interested in. Because the sound is switched off, you will not constantly be notified of any new messages, which puts you in control when you check your phone.

2.) Do not take your phone to bed

The first thing you’ll need is a proper alarm clock. I know many people use their phones as their alarm clock and check messages right before going to bed. Not me. My phone is kept in a designated spot where it is easy to find, but not next to my bed. This way, your bed remains the spot for sleeping and you will not be enticed to get your phone last minute at night or first thing in the morning. In other words, you cannot get stuck watching cat videos on Facebook just before going to bed, robbing you of precious minutes you could have spent on your beauty sleep.

3.) Carry a book when you go anywhere

Sure, e-readers are the next best thing, but I don’t like them. If you truly wish to unplug, it is better to carry an actual, physical book. I always take one as it is my favorite way to unwind when I am on the train. This doesn’t mean I don’t use my phone when I’m traveling. There are days where I spent the entire journey checking messages, but I read most when I am on the train. Or waiting for a concert, at the doctor’s, for my gym class to start, etc.

4.) Split up your devices

If you really want to unplug, but you love to listen to some music when you’re on the go, then splitting your music device from your phone is crucial. I had a separate MP3 player for years and used my tablet later on as well to listen to music on the train. Now that I have it all integrated into one device again, I find it is easier to grab my phone during my train journey and go online rather than dive into a book or stare out the window.

5.) Maintain your social media channels

One reason why the sensory overload became real for me last year was because I was watching and reading everything published by everyone I followed on different social media outlets. Not so handy. So I spent some time purging my social media accounts of everything and anything I wasn’t engaged with anymore. I unsubscribed from newsletters, deleted all of my Youtube subscriptions, cut back the amount of Instagram accounts I follow and unliked many Facebook pages. Because let’s be honest, at the end of the day, there is only so much information you can process. Choose wisely!

How do you like to unplug?

7 responses to “How to unplug your life”

  1. Ik zou dit ook iets meer moeten doen. Heb m’n telefoon al altijd op stil maar volgens mij helpt het niet zo veel. Dit zijn goed ideeën 🙂

    • Mij lukt het ook niet altijd hoor. Maar ik kan echt een hele dag thuis zijn zonder op mijn telefoon te kijken. Al zit ik dan wel weer veel achter de computer…

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