Maybelline Master Conceal concealer

I will forever be looking for the perfect concealer. It is one product I am always eager to try and test out. Foundation, I don’t care much about that. If it works it works and that’s that. What truly makes a difference in my opinion is a good concealer. That’s the product that will make blemishes and dark circles disappear. So I have yet to find my ultimate favorite. I have tried a few that I like. From the Collection concealer (which I love but have yet to review), to the Catrice Liquid Camouflage and Rimmel Wake Me Up, I love me a good concealer. Today we’re having a look at the Maybelline Master Conceal concealer in the shade 20 Light.

Maybelline Master Conceal By FaceStudio camouflaging concealer 20 Light

As far as I know, this Maybelline product is only available in the US. Which is a bummer, but this is one of those product you might find on Ebay. Truth be told, if you live outside of the Northern American hemisphere you may have trouble finding this. Availability aside, this is an affordable drugstore concealer. At a price point between $7 – $8, this concealer doesn’t break the bank. And if it gets the job done, then that is certainly a price I’d be willing to pay for it.

The Master Conceal concealer comes in a squeezy tube. A quite different format from the doe foot applicator I normally use and love. I find the packaging easy to use, but it isn’t necessarily something nice to look at. The packaging is straightforward and gets the job done: it is hygienic and it is easy to get the amount you need for an under eye application.

Because that’s where I like to use my concealers mostly: on my under eye area. I have very few blemishes and whatever redness I have, I cover up with my foundation. So my main target area is my under eye area. Which I like highlighted and brightened, while covering up some bluetoned under eye circles and shadows from puffy bags under my eyes mostly. I received a compliment from an MUA in a store saying I really didn’t need it, but that was during my vacation after a week of sleeping in. But on the daily, I get up at 6 AM and at that moment, my under eyes need all the help they can get.

Swatched on the back of my hand, you can see that you can get a decent amount of product out. This is probably a bit too much: I would use this amount for both my eyes to be honest. As you can see in the middle picture, the texture is thick and creamy, yet still liquid enough to make it easy to blend. The color is spot on for my skintone, and it blends in fully without looking cakey, yet is also lessens some of the blueness of some veins on the back of my hand at the same time. This looks promising!

Nothing – applied – blended out

On my under eye area, I find this concealer works like a dream. This concealer gives just the right amount of brightness to highlight the area, but isn’t so bright that it won’t cover your dark circles. It blends out like a dream, doesn’t look cakey on and with a bit of powder hardly settles into fine lines. Wear time on this is also great: when adding a touch of powder to set the concealer in place, this concealer stays but doesn’t stray for a full, regular work day of wear. You can see the full effect of the product more clearly in the picturse below.

On the left you can see my face with nothing but brows and foundation. On the right is my face with the rest of my make up done, including concealer on my under eye area. As you can see, the picture on the left has an almost grey toned under eye area with a hint of blueness in the inner most corner. On the right, that grey area looks uniform with the rest of my face. The blue area in my inner corner isn’t completely gone, but I like that it gives an almost brightening effect.

Yup, this Maybelline Master Conceal camouflaging concealer by Facestudio is a make up product that works for me. It does exactly what I expect a concealer to do, doesn’t break the bank and is easy to use to boot. You would almost wonder why on earth I would look into buying a more high end concealer, as the drugstore seems to be filled with them. First Collection, Rimmel and Catrice, now Maybelline! This truly is a drugstore make up gem that is worth checking out if you hadn’t already.

What (drugstore) concealers would you recommend?
Are there any you would like me to try out and review for you?

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