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The Body Shop has some addictive products. I love their shower gels and always check out their skincare range. But one item that I simply have to much of, especially if you compare it to how much I use it, is body butters. This creamy body moisturizer is one of their cult products and comes in so many different scents. I love using these as hand or foot cream, but hardly use them the way they are meant to be used. I thought I’d share with you my five favorite scents.

Body Butters are some of the richest, most moisturizing products on the market. Depending on the scent the consistency may be a tad thicker and more nourishing. I find the more nutty scented butters to be of a thicker texture and hence more moisturizing. They are also some of my favorite scents, but I also like some of the fruitier smells. The fruity scents are especially great for spring/ summer. Body Butters retail for €16 each, but I mostly buy mine on sale or on one of TBS’ many deals.

My ultimate favorite must be the Almond Body Butter. This line has long been discontinued, but this scent pops up during winter sales from time to time. It’s when I bought mine in any case. This butter smells a tad sweet and creamy. It feels very nourishing and I love this especially for my feet which can get very dry and need a good amount of moisture from time to time.

The Body Butter I am currently using is the Coconut Body Butter. I was never a fan of coconut scented products, until I smelled this! I bought this extra large tub during one of their sales and I keep this on my bedside table as a hand cream. Again, this has a subtle sweet smell with a hint of coconut to it. I find it very soothing and perfect for bed time. Like the Almond Body Butter this has a very rich and creamy texture.

The Body Shop also does some great fruity smells. The Mango scent was the first one that appealed to me and it is the first tub of Body Butter that I completely used up as well. It is thick and creamy, but a little less so than it’s nutty counterparts. This one I like using in winter time all over my body mostly. As it is not as thick, it is absorbed a little more quickly by the skin which means you can get dressed a lot more quicker which is nice when it’s cold.

My favorite fruity scent by The Body Shop must be the Vineyard Peach scent. Again, this only pops up during sale time any more, which is a shame. Why does TBS discontinue all the best scents? Anyway, this fruity body butter smells exactly like a very ripe, luscious peach. The white kind, not the yellow one. It is a very sweet, but not sickly scent. I love peaches. They are out only during the summer and it is my favorite fruit for smoothie making. This scent instantly reminds me of hot summer days!

Finally, I also love the Blueberry Body Butter. In fact, I have two of these sitting in my drawer because I like it that much. All the other scents are a little bit more difficult to get, but this one is part of their standard range. At least it was for a while. Unlike some of the sweeter fruity scents TBS does, this isn’t too overpowering. Can you tell I like my sweet scents subtle and subdued? Like the Mango Body Butter, I like using the Blueberry one all over my body, but I also love this as a hand or foot cream.

What are your favorite The Body Shop Body Butter scents?

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  1. rachelkromdijk Avatar

    ze zien er altijd al zo leuk uit! lijken mij heerlijke producten

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Als je ze nog niet kent: zeker proberen.

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