Music ABC – W

We are at the W you guys! After starting with the A, in the next few months I will be rounding up this epic tour along my music favorites. From the Beatles to Backstreet Boys and from Prodigy to Portishead and everything in between: a lot has already passed. Today I am bringing you 5 songs, starting with W, that I hold near and dear to my heart. Some because I think they are some of the best songs ever made, some are featured because I have fond memories attached to it. Enjoy!

What are your 5 favorite songs starting with the letter W?

Walk Like an Egyptian – Bangles

Let’s start off with a childhood favorite. One of the very first music videos I can remember watching was this one. I remember standing in front of the TV being 3 – 4 years old and doing the little Egyptian walk. That’s the only reason I really still listen to this. It has a catchy hook, but other than that it is the penultimate cheesy 80s pop rock track.

Walking On The Moon – The Police

I went through a major Sting & The Police phase when I was a student. For a year or so it was pretty much all I’d listen to. It was around the age of 17-18-19 that I truly started to discover music and I began listening to bands that I had heard when I was very young, but that hadn’t properly managed to leave an imprint on my brain. Other bands I loved listening to at the time were Duran Duran, Foreigner and Journey.

Whole lotta love – Led Zeppelin

One of the best songs ever made is this one, hands down. This song takes me back to my teens. Where I just told you that I ‘discovered’ music when I was in college, it was during my earlier teens that I started listening to music hardcore. Instigated by my love for all thing Backstreet and whatever my parents played and knew, I played a strange mix of 90s pop and 70s rock all through my early teens. I still remember sitting at the kitchen table with my dad blasting his favorite 70s tracks for me, and this was one of them. So thanks Dad!

Without You – Harry Nilsson

Now I am not usually a sucker for power ballads, but when a slow, painful track is sung this beautifully, I just cannot pass it up. I like this much better than the original by Mariah Carey. Where she goes all over the place, belting her heart out, this song is much more toned down and with that much more heartfelt in my opinion. Plus it isn’t as polished and overly perfect. It just tells the story of heartbreak and loss so very very well.

Wondersmith And His Sons – Astronautalis, The

And you know we cannot do music posts on this blog, without throwing in some less mainstream music. This time I am bringing you Astronautalis. Rapper extraordinaire, but not to hiphop music per se. This song was on repeat for days at a time when I first found this on an indie playist back in 2008 (yep, me and the indie playlists go back a way long time). And I’ve loved it ever since. It’s dark, it’s mysterious (like, what is this guy, a serial killer, professional breaker of hearts, bounty hunter?) and this guy can spit rhymes like no other. I had tickets to see him live last year, but then couldn’t go as I was sick. Better luck next time!

Did you know any of these songs? Which one here is your fave?

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