Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude foundation Light Porcelain

Two weeks ago, I posted a not so positive review of the Rimmel BB Cream Radiance. To balance things out and to show you that Rimmel most definitely does some amazing foundations, I decided to post another review of one of their face products. That is why today is devoted to the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Nude Foundation with SPF 20. I bought it last spring, but since I got it in the lightest shade, I decided to save it for winter time before I’d make a proper review.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Nude Foundation Light Porcelain

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Nude Foundation with SPF 20
Skin Perfecting Medium Coverage foundation in Light Porcelain

Finding the perfect light colored base is something that I am sure lots of fellow pale ladies struggle with. I know I have. So far, my favorite foundation for my snow white like winter skin is the DiorSkin Nude foundation in Ivory. For long, I hadn’t found a more budget friendly alternative. Sure I tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and liked it, but the color isn’t light enough for me when I am at my palest. Catrice now do one that might work if I were to buy the lightest shade, but I already own quite a few foundations (this one included) that I don’t see sense in buying two of the same kind. I simply like trying out new products too much to justify that. Enter the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Nude Foundation Light Porcelain

The Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation comes in two varieties: with a red cap which is sold more regularly and with a white cap which I think you can only buy in the UK (correct me if I’m wrong). I chose the white cap version as it has a medium rather than full coverage and boasts hydrating and moisturizing properties. Additionally it should be lightweight, easy to blend and difficult to detect on the skin. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump which is always a plus. It retails for 7.99 pounds in Boots and Superdrug.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Nude Foundation Light Porcelain

I bought this foundation in the lightest shade. As you can see in the swatch, this shade has a fairly pink undertone. Which is great as most foundations have yellow undertones which can easily make me look sickly. I have a neutral undertone so in theory I can get away with both, but as my skin turns lighter due to lack of sunlight, a pink toned foundation suits me a lot better.

As you start blending this out, you will notice that it is very liquidy. Not watery per se, but the consistency is most like zero fat yoghurt. This is what makes it so easy to blend and a little goes a long way. I do find this goes on a little bit streaky at first, so you do have be precise about your buffing technique. Half a pump is enough from me to cover my entire face. The finish is semi-matte: there is a hint of dewiness after you apply this, but it mostly just looks like skin once it’s all blended in.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Nude Foundation Light Porcelain

Nothing – one half done – full face

As per usual, you can clearly see the redness in my face in the first picture. That is what I want to cover up: to create an even canvas for the rest of my make up. No more, no less. I am blessed with fairly clear skin, so I don’t have very high foundation demands. In the middle you can see that the foundation provides plenty of coverage. I like to apply an even layer all over my face and then go back in with whatever’s left on the back of my hand and dab it over the areas that need a bit more coverage. Full face this may look a bit ghostly when it is all you wear, but I use bronzer, contour, blush and highlight to put some color back into my face.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Nude Foundation Light Porcelain

The best test to see if a foundation is right for you color wise: the neck test. As you can see, this foundation blends in perfectly with my neck. So even though I resemble Casper the friendly ghost in the full face front view picture, this shade does match the rest of my body very well. I am simply this pale which is a fate I have long since accepted.

You can also clearly see the effect this has on my skin. It looks natural, non cakey and not too powdery. I always use a face powder to set my make up (current favorite: Too Faced Primed & Poreless) and that works well. The staying power is good: this lasts a full working day without getting overly shiny in the oilier areas on my face. I do find that this rubs off really easily. If I accidentally bump into my nose, I find I easily see a hint of red underneath.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Nude Foundation Light Porcelain

Including the rest of my make up look, I find the ghostliness of the foundation is easily downplayed. Light Porcelain is the perfect winter shade for me and it is a comfortable and long-lasting foundation that is serving me very well. You do have to take your time with it for it to apply properly, but when you do, it looks great for the rest of the day.

All in all, I find the Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude foundation in Light Porcelain a great drugstore foundation. The price is on point, it is nice and light (with a pink undertone!). A good alternative if you don’t have or don’t want to spend a fortune on a Dior foundation to get your perfect color match. This foundation also comes in a full coverage version in which Rimmel does the same light shade. So if you prefer more coverage than this, you can certainly check that out as it is more widely available as well.

What foundation do you recommend for fair skin?

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