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I don’t have the most eclectic fashion sense, but I definitely do not dress like most people either. Where I see most people dress in jeans and t-shirts/ sweaters every day, I like to change it up. Typically I don’t wear the same sort of outfit 2 days in a row. Ever. I like changing things up, but I keep it within an appropriate range. I still have to wear it to work after all. That doesn’t mean I have a few items in my closet that are a little bit more out there than most. I thought I’d showcase a few of them on the blog.

Quirky items that I love, but hardly get to wear. The irony!

I’m sure that not everyone will find these quirky. However, some of these items are sure to not be to everyone’s taste. I like to experiment and own quite a few pieces that I love that I think are quite ‘marmite’ to others. Some of these items have been in my closet for years and two of the items I’m about to show you have never been worn or just once or twice. Feel free to let me know how you would wear some of these items in a comment below.

Vintage loafers

Currently loafers are back in style. But when I purchased these shoes a good 4 years ago, they weren’t exactly the top of chic. I wore them in this lookbook, and most people didn’t like them. Unfortunately these are a difficult color to pair with anything, but now I am happy to still have them. Here’s to having at least one trend item in my wardrobe that I no longer had to purchase.

Silver sequin tunic/ mini dress

I remember seeing this dress and being so undecided to get it. Until I found it on sale with a hefty reduction, that is when I could no longer think of a reason not to buy it. Unfortunately I have never had an occasion to wear this to yet. My life just isn’t filled with parties that call for sparkly dresses. However, I love this too much to simply chuck or give away. The sequins are a combination of shiny and matte which makes this dress sparkly but not overly so.

Midnight blue velvet baroque print shirt

This item is from H&M trend and I fell in love with the boxy fit this has. The reason why this is quirky isn’t the fact that it’s vintage or too sparkly: it’s a tad impractical. The fabric is too thick for wearing this in spring/ summer, while the short sleeves make it too cold for autumn/ winter. So when to wear this? It’s difficult to layer anything over it and adding a long sleeve underneath makes for an instant throwback to my wannabe skater years. It’s just a very unusual piece, which is why I love it.

Oversized men’s sweater with aztec print

I vividly remember buying this sweater. I even featured it in a lookbook not too long after I got this. I still love this sweater as it is a big lump of fabric that is super warm and cozy. It isn’t too thick and it’s the oversized fit I love about it most. This is a men’s size extra large. That’s right. This thing pretty much eats me up and makes me disappear but I love. I mainly still use this for lounge wear, but hardly wear it out anymore. It’s from Primark by the way.

Tartan print kilt

Nope this is not a skirt. What it is, is quite possibly the quirkiest item I own: it’s a Scottish kilt. And no they are not just for men. I bought this in Edinburgh when I was there on a study trip years ago. And I still have it. I wore this only once or twice, but it is simply of a too lovely quality too just get rid of. It still fits and I could just whip this out whenever I’d want to create an outfit with this. Tartan is back in style again, so maybe I should just give it a go? What do you think?

What quirky items do you keep in your closet?

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  1. My favorite shirt is a pink splattered crop top tee with little magenta plastic lizards sewn into the collar, from Patricia fields. She is the quirkiest of the quirky! Cool post… And cool tartan skirt very Empire records with liv Tyler. ~~Isabella

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