Must have eye shadow shades

If you’re just starting out with make up, the sheer amount available can be overwhelming. I know I was! Over the years, I have determined what I like and what I can live without and it is in that light that I have picked 10 eye shadow shades that I think are absolute must haves. This post does not revolve so much around the specific products I am showing you here. What I want you to focus on are the different shades. It is the shades I am showing here that I recommend you look into purchasing when you are building your make up collection. These are my 10 must have eye shadow shades.

Must have eye shadow shades

What 10 shades would you recommend getting?

Now, must have eye shadow shades are very personal. It depends on your eye color, eye shape, skin tone and not in the least place personal preference. I for one, hardly ever use a matte black, yet is the shade most every eye shadow palette is equipped with. This post will give you recommendations for a few basics that will allow you to do multiple looks, as well as a few pops of color that can liven up any make up look without going too overboard. I am showing you my favorite products that I think off when I think of each shade I mention.

Must have eye shadow shades

The Body Shop eye shadow no. 13 (discontinued)
Bourjois Ombre à Paupières 16 Ambre Nude
MAC Wedge
Cover Girl Tapesty Taupe

The first set of recommendations are your standard shades that will allow you to create any eye look. From a softly defined eye to a more smokey number: these shades will allow you to create subtle day time look. I am a big fan of matte cream highlighter. It is the most versatile shade in your kit and as you can see I have hit pan in my favorite: The Body Shop no. 13. I use these on my brow bone, but it would also work in the inner corner, as an all over wash of color, or as a solid color. You cannot go wrong with a matte cream highlight.

With that basic down, it is time to add some glam. You cannot go without a light shimmery neutral all over lid shade (Bourjois Ombre à Paupières 16 Ambre Nude). It instantly jazzes up every look and combined with a matte crease shade (MAC Wedge), you can quickly create a defined eye look that will make you look more awake in an instant. For the crease I recommend you work with a matte and a shimmery crease shade (Cover Girl Tapesty Taupe). I prefer taupes for the crease as it looks the best with my skin tone and goes with many other shades you wish to use. The shimmery taupe shade can easily double all over the lid as well.


Must have eye shadow shades

Benefit fishnets (discontinued)
Rimmel Glam’Eyes 130 Tribute
Catrice Liquid Metal eye shadow 070 Gold Leaf Me

For added definition, a dark matte color cannot be missing from any make up stash, no matter how small. I opt for a dark brown (Benefit fishnets) which is great in the outer v, in the crease, as a liner and as a smokey eye. To have some versatility, I would make sure you also own at least one dark shimmery shade. Here, I have opted again for a dark brown, this time by Inglot. This is as versatile as a matte dark shade, but will achieve a slightly different texture to any look. I also prefer to use shimmery shades on my lower lash line.

To add some color apart from browns and taupes, you can keep things interesting by adding a mauve shade (Rimmel Glam’Eyes 130 Tribute). Mauves make great all over lid shades, as well as crease and lower lash line shades. In short, they are versatile and allow you to play around some more, while keeping things neutral. Another color I suggest you get your hands on is an olive green (Catrice Liquid Metal eye shadow 070 Gold Leaf Me). These greens with a gold undertone are especially great if you have brown/ hazel/ green eyes as they will make your eyes come out very nicely.

Must have eye shadow shades

L’Oreal Color Infallible 889 Midnight Blue
Urban Decay Vice palette Blitz

Another recommendation for adding a good pop of color is a dark navy blue (L’Oreal Color Infallible 889 Midnight Blue). I prefer using navies and dark greens for creating smokey looks over blacks. A shade like this can add some much needed mystery and vampiness to your eye shadow selection. Again, I like navy blue as it makes my brown eyes stand out more, but depending on your eye color this could be terracotta, deep green, rich purples etc.

My final recommendation is a full on metallic shade. Metallic shades are not too shimmery, but add a good deal of shine, texture and interest to any eye look. My favorite metallic of all time is Urban Decay’s Blitz. Since that has only ever been part of their limited edition Vice palette (the first one!), and is no longer available, it will be hard to get your hands on, but any gold/ silver/ bronzer/ copper/ pewter will do.

Did I miss any shades? What eye shadow shades can you not go without?

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