5x lightweight jackets for warmer weather

In a country like Holland, having a good jacket is a staple year round. The period of time you can actually go out without one is very minimal, especially if you’re out the door early like me. The mornings can be quite chilly, so even though the weather warms up nicely throughout the day, you will still need something to keep you warm earlier in the day. I have 5 options that I love for wearing during the spring and summer months. From a faux leather biker jacket, to a staple like denim: here are my favorite lightweight jackets for warmer weather.

Faux leather biker jacket (Forever 21)

I think that if you own just one jacket from the selection I’m presenting here, it should be this one. Faux leather biker jackets don’t just have a moment, they are one of those true classic wardrobe pieces that you should just have. Finding the right one can be challenging though, but seeing I wore my previous one to death I know it is worth investing the time and effort into finding that perfect one. I found this one from Forever 21 that also comes with a faux lammy collar cover, making this an aviator jacket as well. I detach it for spring/ summer as it is a bit too warm, but it works great for transitioning this jacket into fall.

Khaki green parka (H&M)

This may very well be one of the oldest items in my entire wardrobe. I have had this thing for year. I remember buying this after I fell in the train and getting my previous khaki green jacket caught on something, ripping one of the pockets clean off. Since that was my only summer jacket at the time I had to go out and buy a new one. I ended up buying this and it has hold up so nicely. The pockets are great as you can slip your hands behind them while your phone is lounging around. The drawstring nicely singes in your waist and this is my go to jacket for vacations and festivals as it is so versatile and one of the warmest options here.

Navy & black leather moto bomber style jacket (Mango)

This biker/ bomber style jacket was an absolute steal a few years ago. It is made from real leather and is therefore quite a heavy and sturdy jacket. I love to alternate this with the faux leather biker jacket I showed you at the start. The only downside to this jacket is that it is difficult to wear zipped up. The elastic band at the bottom causes the jacket to ride up, pulling up your shirt at the same time. Not a very flattering look, but worn open with a scarf or buy itself makes for a great, cool, edgy piece.

Cream & faux leather blazer (H&M)

In spring/ summer, I love doubling up my blazers and other more dressy jackets as outerwear. This one in particular is a good jacket. Because it doesn’t have any lapels, I find this much more flattering on my figure. It also nicely skims the lines of my body and I love wearing this with a burgundy dress I have that is otherwise quite simple and demure. This jacket brightens it up and makes it perfect for spring.

Light denim jacket (Mango)

But of course the ultimate lightweight jacket staple is a denim jacket. I got this one on sale years ago and I wear it all summer. This comes with me everywhere and I love the fit of this. I wear this so much that I have to wash it several times just to keep it looking nice. Again, like with a leather jacket, finding the right one for you can be a feat, but once you find it you will wear it non-stop. At least I do with mine.

What is your favorite lightweight jacket?

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  1. wat een mooie items ziet er goed uit! fijn weekend

  2. Mariska says:

    Ik ben dol op leren jasjes, maar de half-blazer is ook heel gaaf!

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