OPI Soft Shades & New Orleans spring collections

When it comes to nail polish, you all know I love myself some OPI. It is by far my favorite nail polish brand and whenever they release new collections, which is often, I always check them out. So when I found out that this year OPI is releasing a 6 polish pastel collection as well as a new city inspired spring collection I could not help but pick up a few. Today I’ll be reviewing the entire Soft Pastels collection and one polish from the New Orleans collection.

OPI Soft Shades | Pastels collection
OPI New Orleans collection – Show Us Your Tips

When I first read online that OPI would be doing a fully pastel collection, I got excited. No one does soft shades better than OPI and so I couldn’t wait to see them in my store. I ended up picking a set of minis and two full sized polishes that weren’t part of the pack. A few weeks before that, I spotted the New Orleans collection and picked up only one polish as the rest looked pretty underwhelming to me. The mini pack retailed for €22.95. The full sized polishes for €14.95.

What I love about OPI’s paler shades is that they are usually great colors that are soft but bright enough to look different from just any old nude of light shade. Another plus point is that they go on opaque in two coats, are long wearing and the brush applies like a dream. One of the main reasons for my OPI love is the fact that it’s the only polish that lasts more than 2 days on my nails.

New Orleans Collection: Show Us Your Tips

The one off in this post is Show Us Your Tips a shimmery pale cornflower blue that pulls slightly purple depending on lighting and what colors you use in the background. I wore this the other week and it last 5 days until it started chipping.

Soft Shades | Pastels: It’s in the Cloud

It’s in the Cloud is a soft off white polish. I am not a fan of a straight up white polish, but this I think can look great against a slightly more tanned skin tone. It is definitely the brightest nail polish I own, despite its light shade.

Soft Shades | Pastels: Stop It I’m Blushing

A pale, nude pink shade of course had to be part of this collection. These are the types of shades that OPI is especially good at. And this one is no exception. It is a pretty blush pink that will look great against pale skin for a neutral look.

Soft Shades | Pastels: It’s a Boy

One classic shade missing from my OPI collection? A baby blue. And if you’re making a baby blue then the name of this is very apt indeed. This went on the streakiest of all of these polishes though when I swatched, but I will have to wait until I wear this until I have a good sense of the actual texture.

Soft Shades | Pastels: It Cost Me a Mint

Mint green is a color that lots of people love, but which I find is very difficult for brands to get right. This is my least favorite shade in this post. I find it too much of a light green shade when applied. This simply looks slightly darker when applied than it does in the bottle, which is a shame.

Soft Shades | Pastels: One Chic Chick

A light yellow is quite possibly the most difficult color to get right when it comes to nail polish. OPI nails the collection with this shade though. This is the most opaque, stunning light yellow out there. It goes on nicely, is fully opaque with just two coats and not streaky at all.

Soft Shades | Pastels: I Am What I Amethyst

When I spotted the collection in real life, the one shade that stood out to me was this one. It is the palest periwinkle color that leaves the perfect middle ground between a purple and a blue. I am wearing it on my nails today and I love how bright it looks on. This also was one of the better polishes texture wise and went on opaque in 2 coats.

4: Show Us Your Tips
5: It’s in the Cloud
6: Stop it I’m Blushing
7: One Chic Chick
8: I am What I Amethyst
9: It’s a Boy10: It Cost me a Mint

Some of these shades will need three coats to go on fully opaque, with the exception of Show Us Your Tips, It Cost me a Mint, I Am What I Amethyst and One Chic Chick. Those all need 2 coats. The quality is as you can expect from a brand such as OPI. Apologies for the broken nail wheel, but I had already started using them when these broke off.

Yep, I am very happy with my most recent nail polish purchases. I love these bright, light shades. They make your nails look classy and chic and are perfect for spring/ summer.

What shades are your favorites?

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  1. I like the white, pink, & yellow best. I like the looks of the mint in the bottle, disappointing it doesn’t look the same on. I tend to go for real beige or mossy shades.

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