What I Eat #26

Lately, I’ve been trying to be a bit more into what I eat again. Where during winter time, I feel lazy and barely have the energy to cook meals, spring time means trying more foods and preparing more home cooked meals again. Below you can find an overview of some meals I had during the past few months. You will note a continued obsession with avocado and I’ve rekindled my love affair with pasta.

Avocado with boiled eggs on crisp bread

I’ve been having at least one avocado per week since Christmas. That’s what I ‘discovered’ the deliciously green food that is so super versatile. In the past I never liked avocado. I didn’t like the texture and found it quite bland. But mashed up with some pepper & salt and a boiled egg on top, I’ve been loving this.

Yoghurt with granola, banana and flax seeds

I’ve been eating less yoghurt. By now I have changed many dairy foods for plant based versions. The one food you cannot find a good replacement for yet, is yoghurt. Where I used to eat it on a daily basis, I only have it occasionally. I find it extra delicious when I do.

Beer, wine & crisps

Of course there were plenty of naughty foods as well. They aren’t as picture friendly though, but I did snap this pic when I had a friend over for food and a movie.

Brie, bread with spread & cucumber slices

As I mentioned, I was a bit lazy these past months with cooking actual foods. But there are so many options if you don’t cook. One night I decided to just whip something up with a few foods I simply had lying about.

Strawberry & beetroot smoothie

The other greatest option for a quick and easy meal? Smoothies! Now that spring is here, I find myself making smoothies again more often. I have been loving avocado for some extra creaminess in my smoothies lately, so that is something I am now trying out.

Chicken wings & roasted broccoli with cauliflower

A not so quick and easy meal is this one. It’s been a while since I had this, but I now think I should make it again. I roasted some broccoli and cauliflower in my oven and melted some cheese on top of it. Served with chicken wings it was the best, simple, yet satisfying dish out there.

Lentin-pumpkin soup

This is another take on my lentil-pepper-sweet potato soup that I posted last year. I pretty much kept the soup the same, save for the sweet potato. I subbed it for pumpkin instead and it was as delicious.

Courgetti with creamy sauce, ham, mushrooms and leak

For this dish, the recipe is still pending. I hope to post it next week. I actually bought a spiralizer the other week and oh my, it works so great. I had to try it with courgette of course as that is THE food which makes for some great pasta substitute.

Spaghetti with creamy avocado sauce & spinach

There it is again: avocado. I decided to try and put it in a pasta sauce as well. I posted the recipe for this dish last week. So if you are curious as to how to make this: feel free to check it out here.

Avocado on crisp bread

Since avocado has become such a staple food, I had to feature it again. Without and egg, by itself, I’ve been finding it absolutely delicious as well. This makes for a great post work out lunch. With or without the eggs.

Pesto pasta with veggies

I love a good vegetarian pasta and I love myself some pesto too. This is a different version of the pesto pasta I posted about here. I changed up the veggies: courgette, bell pepper & onion and put some Parmesan on top.

What dish featured here would you like me to do a recipe on?

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