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Recently you will have seen me do several fashion hauls. And I’m sure some of you are wondering: where do you keep everything? My wardrobe storage mainly consists of a massive PAX wardrobe by Ikea. But having enough space to keep everything isn’t the key to keeping your wardrobe organized. Even the biggest of closets can get cluttered and here is how I maintain an organized wardrobe.

My wardrobe before I cleared it out last week

1.) Clean up: this tip is probably an open door, but you keep your closet clean by clearing away the clutter. Go through your wardrobe regularly and cull those items you don’t wear, you feel don’t look good on you or are simply gathering dust in the back of your closet. Some people say to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a while (from 6 months to two years usually), but for me what matters is whether I still feel good in an item. Can I answer that item with a yes? Then it gets to stay.

2.) Be neat: keep the things you hang on to neat and tidy by storing away your clothes in the right way. Some people simply stuff items into their wardrobe. The result: creased items that you need to wash and iron before they will be of any use to you. If you keep you items neatly folded or hung, your items will always be ready to go and it just looks a whole lot nicer.

3.) Be clever: about your storage that is. One way to keep your wardrobe neat is by coming up with a system that works for you. I, for one, hate folding clothes. As a result I’ve decided to hang as many items as possible. Only those items that would lose their shape and structure from hanging up (knit sweaters and pants) I still fold. Everything else is hung up. It makes for easy access as well as easy clearing up.

4.) Maximize storage: sure bulky wooden hangers look chic, but when it comes to hanging up your clothes, huggable hangers are quite possibly the best invention of the century. These velvet covered thin hangers will allow you to store almost twice as many pieces, while maintaining an organized closet. Moreover, none of your items will slide down your hangers anymore.

5.) Make things visible: this mainly goes for folded items. If you use the Marie Kondo way of folding, you cannot only maximize space, but also keep an eye on everything in one go. I find this especially works for pants. I fold them as usual and then fold them an extra time. I then stack my jeans behind one another, this way, grabbing a pair of pants is the easiest thing ever, as I can see every pair I own in the glance of an eye.

6.) Use dividers: rather than having everything living their own life in your closet, it serves your sanity if you put the smaller items into drawer dividers. I personally love the SKUBB dividers by Ikea. I use them in several drawers and I use them to store my socks, hosiery and underwear. It’s great for keeping all those small things together and keep them from disappearing without a trace.

7.) Keep things together: this tags onto tip no. 6. I try to keep similar items together as much as possible. Plain tees are all together in their own little section. As are my skater dresses, skirts and blazers. How specific you want to make your distinction depends on the size of your closet and the amount of items you have. I have many, which allows me to section off playsuits from dresses for instance and short sleeved from long sleeved blouses.

8.) Color code: now if you truly want a neat looking closet and you are a neatfreak like, then color coding is your best friend. I go from lightest to darkest in each section. Again, to me it helps for picking outfits be a no brainer as I am never digging through my closet looking for that one item. If I am looking for that one pair of palm leaf print summer pants, I will know exactly where to go.

How do you organize your closet?

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  1. Sandra Rosa Avatar

    Wat toevallig, vandaag staat bij mij ook een artikel online over het organiseren/opruimen van mijn kledingkast. Goede tips!

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