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Eye shadow is my favorite make up product and hence I have many. When it comes to more affordable brands I am happy that they have started putting out palettes as of late. But before every drugstore brand started doing palettes, singles was where the drugstore eye shadow game was at and for the most part still is. That is why I’m showing my top 5 best drugstore eye shadows in this blog post.

I love my drugstore singles, what about you?

When it comes to drugstores, it is all about the hidden gems. Sorting through the haves and the have nots if you’d like. And when you find those gems, it is difficult to let go of them. My five favorite drugstore eye shadow picks are mostly still available as far as I know. Only one of these shadows was limited edition, but since Essence and Catrice change up their lines so often, it might be that the two shades I featured here may be more difficult to get a hold of.

Catrice Mirror Mirror
Essence 3D Eye shadow 09 Irresistible chocolates

The first two shadows are a depotted LE Catrice shadow, from I can’t remember which collection. All I know is that I have had it for a while and that it’s hands down the best silver eye shadow I have ever used. It is not overly metallic or icy as silvers can sometimes be, but it is a stunning shimmer that catches the light nicely.

Essence’s 3D eye shadows were a huge hype when they first launched and I still like them. The pigmentation of these is good and the two shade accompany each other nicely. This is the first Essence eyeshadow I’ve tried that doesn’t use an annoying overspray to make it more appealing. Rather, with this shadow, what you see is what you get.

Rimmel Glam’Eyes Mono Eye Shadow 130 Tribute

I remember spotting this Rimmel eyeshadow during a sale and knowing I had to have it. This is the perfect mauve/ taupe shade that has a pinkish hue to it depending on how the light hits it. One of the best all over lid shades I have ever come across.

L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow 021 Sahara Treasure

That the L’Oreal Infallible eye shadows are amazing isn’t a beauty secret. These pressed pigments have some been raved about and are some of the best drugstore eye shadows you can come across. Such a shame that the line seems to have been discontinued in my country, but in many other places you can still get these. I’m a sucker for a good taupe eyeshadow any time of day and this shimmery shadow truly packs a punch. I love how this taupe has a golden sheen to it, making it different from any other taupe I already own.

Catrice Liquid Metal eye shadow 070 Gold Leaf Me

Another stunner that is difficult to find is the Catrice Liquid Metal line. My personal favorite from this line is Gold Leaf Me. This is the perfect golden olive shade from the drugstore. The base seems gold in the pan, but when you apply this, you will find a gorgeous green shade with a hint of golden shimmer instead. Another great shade that serves many different functions in my eyeshadow routine. From all over the lid, to the crease, to lower lashline work: this shadow does it all and it’s its versatility that I love the most.

Catrice Mirror Mirror
Rimmel Tribute
Catrice Gold Leaf Me
L’Oreal Sahara Treasure
Essence Irresistible Chocolates

As you can see each and every shadow is well pigmented. These also blend out perfectly and just serve as an overall great addition to any eye shadow stash. Now why can’t they produce this type of quality in their palettes as well?

What are your favorite drugstore monos?

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  1. baublesandknots Avatar

    Big fan of the L’Oréal when I need a single!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      They are great! Such a shame they were discontinued over here.

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