LA Splash Smitten Lip Mousse liquid lipstick

I’ve been on a true liquid lipstick kick lately and I thought I’d share my madness with you by posting several liquid lipstick reviews this week. Where I showed you the NYX Liquid Suede lipsticks last Monday, today’s turn goes to LA Splash. A brand I knew nothing about, save for the fact that their liquid lipsticks are supposedly amazing. I picked up three at an event last December and have thus had plenty of time to test these out.

LA Splash Smitten Waterproof Lip Tint Mousse liquid lipstick Lovestruck, Raven, Bellatrix

LA Splash Smitten Waterproof Lip Tint Mousse liquid lipstick
Lovestruck, Raven, Bellatrix

The LA Splash line features many different liquid lipsticks and that is why I wanted to spot these in real life before shopping them. I picked out three shades again, at €15.99 a pop. A bit more expensive than the NYX ones, but the range is far larger and there are very many colors to choose from. After many swatches I chose a dark rosy shade, a vampy red and a crazy midnight blue.

Can we just stop for a minute and admire the pretty packaging this comes in? Not all LA Splash liquid lipstick have this packaging. Mine came in these because they are the renamed (and maybe even reformulated) versions of the Harry Potter collection they did. The names had to be changed because of copyright. I didn’t know this until I researched the shades I’d bought, but somehow my HP obsession is not limited to books, but now extends into my make up collection. In any case, Lovestruck used to be called Lovegood, Raven used to be called Ravenclaw and Bellatrix became Belladonna. I have one which bears the old name, the other two have been renamed.

Lovestruck, Raven, Bellatrix

The liquid lipstick comes in a pretty yet simple tube. I keep my liquid lipsticks upside down so it’s easier to select a shade, but these pink metallic caps will surely stand out in your stash. A very handy feature here is that these tubes are clear showing the shade inside. Unfortunately some of mine had an ugly sticker to seal them shut, so there is some residue on the caps because of that.

Lovestruck, Raven, Bellatrix

You apply these liquid lipsticks using a slightly slanted and pointed doe foot applicator. It works quite well but I found it a bit too wide to be very precise with these. So be careful when you use these. The shades I picked are all quite dark. Lovestruck is like a very dark rendition of a dusty rose with a mauve undertone, but still very neutral and wearable. Raven is a vampy deep cherrywood red with notes of brown. This one does look darker in the tube than on the lips. Bellatrix is the crazy shade. It looks purple in the tube but applies more like a deep midnight blue, WOAH!

LA Splash Smitten Waterproof Lip Tint Mousse liquid lipstick Lovestruck, Raven, Bellatrix

Lovestruck, Raven, Bellatrix

All three swatched! I took a picture of these just applied and a few minutes later. The drying time on these is much quicker than the NYX ones. These dry down fast. When I apply these, they are dry before I am out the door to get to work. The NYX ones take my getting to the train station and still remain feeling tacky. The benefit? Because of their quick drying time, these are kissproof, mostly stainproof lipsticks. The disadvantage? They dry your lips down quite a bit, so make sure you moisturize beforehand.

LA Splash Smitten Waterproof Lip Tint Mousse liquid lipstick Lovestruck

Lovestruck was instantly my favorite of the three. Because of the purple/ mauve undertone, it suits me very well. I’d compare this to a darker, more intense version of MAC’s Mehr lipstick, be it more purple and less brown. But I think that’s the closest comparison I can make.

I thought I’d also throw in a pick to show you how these wear down on the lips. Here I was wearing Raven and this is after a good 12 hours of wear, numerous drinks of water, 2 full meals and snacks. There’s still a slight stain on the edge of my lips, but it has otherwise worn off completely. It doesn’t feather too much as it wears and the middle part of your lips will wear off first. If you’d want to reapply, I feel you could apply a thin, new layer to fill in any gaps if you’d like. I’d say these stay on for about 6 hours before you seriously have to consider touching them up.

LA Splash Smitten Waterproof Lip Tint Mousse liquid lipstick Raven

Raven is a deep red vampy shade. One of my favorite shades of lipstick to wear. My application was a little wonky and since this dries down so quickly, you don’t have a lot of time for corrections. So I just went with it. I do feel this was a tad patchy, so this would be best applied in two thin layers to ensure opaqueness.

LA Splash Smitten Waterproof Lip Tint Mousse liquid lipstick Bellatrix

Saving the best for last: Bellatrix! Not necessarily a shade that suits me. This makes my teeth look very yellow, which is why I’m not smiling all toothy for you in this pic. The shade is stunning though and definitely one I would wear for fun, though this is definitely a NSFW type of color. I also think I’d need a bit more of color in my face in order to pull this off as well as a neutral but more bold (perhaps a more smokey) eye.

If you like your liquid lipsticks and are looking for some crazy shades (they do a green as well!) then this one is for you. If you are into your neutrals than LA Splash has many in their selection as well. These stay on for hours and much longer than a regular lipstick. So definitely worth a browse if you make some seriously long days like me and are looking for a lipstick that could survive a working day.

What crazy shade of lipstick would you like to try?

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  1. Het lijkt erop dat ze slijten in plaats van afbladderen, dat is wel fijner met bijwerken. Mooie kleuren!

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