LA Splash OG Ghoulish

You all know about my love for unusual lip colors right? So what about a straight up taupe? Named OG Ghoulist, this is a liquid lipstick cult classic by LA Splash. And the name couldn’t be more apt: this greyish toned brown is definitely not for the faint of heart.

la splash liquid lipstick OG Ghoulish review swatch

LA Splash OG Ghoulish Lip Couture Waterproof Liquid Lipstick

This liquid lipstick retails for different prices depending on where you buy it. In Dutch webshops this retails between €7.95 and €15.99. On Beauty Bay these retails for €10.50. So it fluctuates quite a bit. I generally like the LA Splash liquid lipsticks. I already reviewed a bunch a while ago and liked those. What LA Splash does generally well is have some great unusual shades, apart from their more wearable colors.

The Packaging

la splash liquid lipstick OG Ghoulish review swatch

The LA Splash liquid lipsticks come in some pretty great packaging. It has a clear tube that shows the color of the product quite accurately. The outside box has a nice design to it as well. Other than that it is a liquid lipstick as we are used to: packaged like a lipgloss, with a wand applicator and gold details.

The Applicator

la splash liquid lipstick OG Ghoulish review swatch

One thing I like about the LA Splash liquid lipsticks is the precision of the applicator. It has a very simple straightforward applicator with just the right amount of product. The wand is thin enough to make it easy to apply, but it is large enough to hold enough product for a quick application that does not require double-dipping.

The Swatch

la splash liquid lipstick OG Ghoulish review swatch

As many liquid lipsticks do, this lipstick looks different once it is dry. In the tube and on a wet swatch, this looks like a rosy toned taupy brown. In the right is the swatch after it had a few minutes to dry down. You can see how it is less pink and pulls more mauve.  It also looks darker: this is something many liquid lipsticks do and thus a known problem. I personally love the shade on the right the most as purple toned lipsticks look quite good on me in general.

The Application

la splash liquid lipstick OG Ghoulish review swatch

On the lips this color is different, but not too out there. The shade is definitely one that looks a bit grey toned on me, which is completely in line with the name shade name. But I do feel this looks again different on the lips than in the two swatches. This probably has to do with my natural lip color. I have quite pigmented lips naturally which sometimes interferes with how colors show up on my lips.

It has good color pay off and it isn’t sheer at all. The formula does not pull into fine lines and it does not bleed. This feels liquidy and tad sticky at first. It only takes a few minutes to dry completely matte and there is no tacky feeling afterwards. Generally, this liquid lipstick lasts a full 8 hour workday without touchups.

The Conclusion

Yes, this is a great addition to my unusual lipstick collection. I’m not sure yet how much I will wear it. LA Splash OG Ghoulish is not entirely safe for work, but maybe I should just give it a try one day. In any case, it has a good formula that last a long time, which is why I love wearing liquid lipstick in the first place. If you’re looking for some unusual lipstick shades, then LA Splash is a good place to start.

What brand do you like for unusual lipstick colors?

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