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I love how the drugstore brands are now also coming out with more shaping and contouring palettes. Catrice’s take on it comes in multiple rendition. I already reviewed their contouring palette and today I’ll be reviewing another new product to their spring/ summer 2016 line: the Blush Artist palette. Here’s to hoping Catrice doesn’t discontinue this next August when they change their line around yet again, because this is another hidden drugstore gem.

Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette 010 BronzÉclat

Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette 010 BronzÉclat

The Blush Artist Shaping Palette as it is officially known, comes in three different shades. I own 010 Bronze Eclat, because I figured this could be most used as a shaping palette. The other two palettes simply consist of three blush shades in coral or pink tones. And since I already own a lot of pink and coral blushes, I figured this seemed the most unique. It retails for €4.59.

Inside you get 3 different blush shades. One matte dark blush, a shimmery medium toned blush and one even more glowy and shimmery looking blush which looks more like a highlight. Of course, depending on your skin tone, these shades will work out differently. I’m very fair, so for me this works like a bronzer, blush and highlight trio. However, if you have a more tan to dark skin tone, then I am sure that darker blush shade will look stunning applied all over the cheek.

The deepest blush shade looks very brown with a reddish undertone. Since it isn’t too orange, I think this could work as a very intense blush shade on me, but I figured this could function as a contour shade on me. That is how I will be wearing it in the pictures below in any case. The middle shade is a light peachy apricot with a subtle golden shimmer to it. It is a stunning blush shade that is perfect for spring & summer. Finally there is the highlight like shade. This blush is a pinky champagne tone with a hint of gold running through it. The glow on this is anything but subtle, but no where near as intense as for instance The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer.

Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette 010 BronzÉclat

Swatched you can see how intense these shades are. I do have to say that especially the peachy blush shade feels quite coarse when running my finger over the powder. These aren’t very smooth and buttery soft, but despite that fact you still get a lot of color pay off. Blush never disappears on me all that much, so that also wasn’t an issue here.

The peachy shade may seem a little meek compared to the other two shades, but I find it complements the other two very nicely and truly pulls the overall cheek look this gives together.

Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette 010 BronzÉclat

Nothing – Darkest shade
Highlight – Peachy blush

On my face you can clearly see the effect this product gives: a very natural, day time look. On my skin, the deepest blush shade works quite nicely as a subtle contour. It isn’t too warm, too brown, or too orange. It must be the reddish undertones!

As for the combo of the blush and the highlight, I think it truly truly works out. It is almost as if the blush intensifies the highlight by adding even more glow to the face. The result? A great every day look that isn’t overdone and very natural looking.

And just for good measure: a full face picture so you can see how it blends in with the rest of a very natural, every day, make up look.

I don’t know about you, but I personally really like the total effect this gives. Add in the fact that this product is super affordable and doesn’t break the bank, I think that if you are fair skinned like me, this is a good budget option for an all-in-one face palette. If you have a much darker skin tone you will just have 2 stunning blushes and a highlight.

What are your recommendations for an affordable face palette?

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