Why I stopped wearing accessories

I used to love accessorizing my outfits. If you go back to the archives of 2 years ago and go back to my lookbooks, you’ll find there was much love for short necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Of those chunky bracelets, none are left and I have purged my accessories like there is no tomorrow. The only accessories I now wear? The standard earrings I have worn for years and years and wear all the time.

My current ‘jewelry’ collection

I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but I guess that for about a year now, I have all but stopped wearing accessories. A catalyst must have been finding out that my favorite ring, an heirloom gifted to me by my grandmother, started to show some wear and tear. One of the little metal bands that hold the stones together broke off and many others have bend and look like they might break very soon. I took it to a jeweler to see if they could fix it, but they say they can’t. 🙁

With that ring finding no wear time, I slowly but surely stopped wearing necklaces as well. I already cut down on wearing necklaces in the winter time as they easily become jangled with whatever scarf you’re wearing. However, now that winter is over and the time for scarf wearing is over, I do not find myself reaching for necklaces either. And I was never much of an earring girl to start with.

Way back in the day, I would always accessorize my dresses with a belt as well, but those have also been getting little to no wear. I now prefer my dresses plain as they are and I feel that it is also not ‘stylish’ anymore. In any case, a few years ago, you couldn’t walk into a shop without finding a dress that came with a belt. Now, the style of dresses has changed so drastically that belting them just makes it look awkward.

But I guess my main reason for not wearing many accessories is because that most of the ones I had and still have come from places like Primark, Forever 21 or H&M. I’m not saying they aren’t nice anymore, but many just no longer fit my style, had become tarnished or simply broke. Hence I purged my accessories majorly and only kept those pieces that I feel are timeless.

If I ever have the urge to put on some jewelry again or bust out a belt I know I can as I still have plenty to go around. However, it is currently not on my radar and I have been shunning the accessory areas of stores completely lately. It just no longer holds my interest for whatever reason. I guess I just much rather put on a nice bit of make up and a good manicure and accessorize that way instead.

Do you wear many accessories?

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  1. I was just thinking about accessories this week. I go thru phases, but mostly I keep it pretty bare. I know what you mean about belts. I like a cinched waist, but styles are much more drapey right now. Also, sometimes I have my accessories laid out, but forget to put them on! So I don’t know if it’s so much a style choice or poor memory at work, lol.

  2. I used to wear a lot of rings and necklaces. I choose every day something different from the day before. When I discovered how black tourmaline affects me, I bought a silver necklace with a tourmaline stone. I also wear a silver ring which was a gift from a close friend. Those two are about all I’ve been wearing for a past year.

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