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A good set of accessories can make or break any outfit. However, when it comes accessories I like keeping things simple these past few years. Where I spent my teens piling on the necklaces and bracelets, I now usually do not stray far from my daily look accessory wise. If I’m feeling particularly snazzy, I will bring out a statement necklace and let that be that. When it comes to accessories I do believe less is more, and so I only have a handful of pieces that I wear all the time.

The first piece is this statement necklace which I bought from Primark. When I bought this, it was actually broken, but my dad managed to fix it for me. It is my favorite statement necklace. I love wearing this with high necked dresses or tops that are closed at the top. It makes for an instant eye catching feature to any outfit.

Second, I want to show you the first part to my daily jewelry. And it is this ring. This was left to me by my grandmother and she used to wear it all the time. She always said that I could have some of her jewelry if she would pass away and so when that happened I was given this ring by my granddad. Not only is it a sentimental piece, it is also vintage as the Czech granite stone it is made off is no longer widely available.

My third favorite accessory is another gift, but this one I received from a friend. It is a faux coral necklace that is just the perfect shade of red. Accessories can be a great way of incorporating some color into an outfit. I love wearing this necklace in spring and summer: pair it with a black & white striped top, black jeans and a red lip and you’re good to go!

Apart from the necklace, my grandma also left me the matching set of earrings. These never leave my body as I always where these studs and do not take them off. They are my main reason for wearing no other earrings as these are difficult to take off due to the thick studs. If I don’t wear these every day my ears will starts to hurt because of it. Since I wear the ring every day, it makes for a nice, simple pairing too.

Finally there is another Primark necklace. Primark do some great accessories from time to time. I picked up this tarnished gold looking leaf necklace because I wanted to have a gold option. I hardly wear gold accessories as they clash with my skintone, but this for some reason works really well for me. This necklace goes with so many different things: from a button up shirt to a casual t-shirt.

What accessories do you wear all the time?

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  1. naomiinwonderland Avatar

    I always wear my watch and depends on the outfit but a necklace as well. LOVE your last necklace!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Thanks! It is one of my faves for a good reason!

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