Make Up Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals

You may have already seen yesterday’s video, in which I show you all the make up bits I bought from The biggest part of that unboxing existed of eyeshadow palettes, many of them by UK drugstore brand Make Up Revolution. To kick off the review cycle, I figured I should start with one of these afforable eyeshadow palettes. I decided to go with the New-trals vs Neutrals palette. I hadn’t heard much about this yet. In fact, I hadn’t heard ANYTHING about it and so I went with this one first.

Makeup Revolution Salvation palette New-trals vs Neutrals

My experience with MUR eyeshadows is a bit mixed. I already own the 32 Flawless palette and where that has some stunning shades, there are also many that I am not too chuffed about. The New-trals vs Neutrals palette features 16 shades and retails for €8.49. So I was curious to see how I would fare with these shades.

The packaging of Makeup Revolution palettes is very simple and straightforward. A plastic black case with a decent sized mirror. This also comes with a brush, but it’s nothing too interesting. The problem with this packaging comes up when you own more than one in your stash. Like Sleek palettes, these all look identical once the boxes come off, which is a bit of a hassle but nothing too unworkable. Overall the packaging is sturdy and well thought out, which is good.

What made me purchase this palette is obviously the shade selection in this palette. I saw it mentioned by Emily Noel on Youtube as a possible affordable dupe for the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and the mix of peachy pinky shades, browns, nudes, and cool toned neutrals just caught my eye.

I don’t think this really is a good dupe for Too Faced’s coveted palette, but it will definitely allow you to create the same feel with some of the warm shades in here. However, it’s the cool tones in the bottom row mixed in with the peaches and corals, that gave this palette the edge I was looking for. A truly unique shade selection!

  • Bias: a shimmery champagne
  • Neutral: a matte soft brown

  • Personal: shimmery soft pink
  • Vogue: a satin peachy coral

  • Trend: a matte warm medium brown
  • New-tral: a satin warm toned peach

  • Tone: a matte warm toned peach
  • Custom: a matte cool toned deep brown

  • Cool: a matte off white
  • Style: a glittery/ chunky shimmery light rose

  • Partial: a strong shimmery dusty rose with plum undertone
  • Mode: a strong shimmery copper

  • Adapt: a matte slightly deeper cool toned brown than Neutral
  • Buff: a shimmery cool toned brown

  • Suit: a satin taupe with a mauve undertone
  • Strong: a shimmery blackened plum

In the swatches you can clearly see the different textures this palette has to offer. The way this is laid out there are mostly mattes to satins in the top row, apart from the highlight shades. The bottom row features mostly shimmers, some verging on glitters.

The color payoff is intense. Shades go on opaque for the most part, the mattes being the most problematic. Some shadows are quite chalky or powdery, especially the peachy shades. However I found that this not too noticeable when applying them to the eye. With a primer underneath, these shadows also last all day.

Look 1:
Style, Vogue, Neutral, Trend, Tone, Bias

On to the looks I created with these. My first look was created using all of those stunning peachy shades. It is a pretty look, but because my hayfever had been bad that week, my eyes looked puffy and I had one student ask me whether I was doing okay. This look made my eyes look extra tired and perhaps a bit too much gearing towards pink eye. In short, the peachy corals can be used in a look quite well, but I think I’d have been better off mixing in some of the darker shades for more of a smokey look.

Look 2:
Mode, Neutral, Buff, Cool

For the second look I wanted to feature that stunning copper shade. Mode has great color pay off. To ensure the coppery goodness popped the most, I didn’t add too many shadows. It was also a great test to see how neutral this palette would go. You can go all crazy with the peaches and corals, but a good every day look is another option this palette has to offer.

Look 3:
Partial, Adapt, Buff, Suit, Neutral, Cool, Bias

My absolute favorite look that I have created so far would be this one! Partial is an absolutely stunning shade that is very pretty against my skin tone. I worked in many more cool toned shades into this look and used the taupe to darken up my outer V ever so slightly.

Since it is summer I like keeping my eye make up quite light and easy and that’s something this palette does very well. The darker shades have plenty of intensity to serve as liner or to create a smokey eye as well. In short, Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals eyeshadow palette is one of those palettes that makes for a good all rounder. It can do anything you need it to do from day time looks, to work appropriate and vampy night time. The colors in here are more interesting than your average neutral eyeshadow palette, which doesn’t make this the ultimate musthave for your collection, but will definitely be a good addition if you’re looking for something different.

Let me know in a comment down below which palette I should review next!

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