Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation

Foundation was the last make up product that I added to my routine. I don’t have the world’s most terrible skin and that’s why I was always quite skeptical towards wearing foundation. Trying foundation is therefore something I do like to do, but which I don’t get round to very often. Usually when I have a foundation I like, I simply keep using it until I grow tired of it, or if it no longer matches my skin tone. The latter was the case just recently and so I had to switch foundations. I bought a Maybelline Dream Satin foundation on sale last year and thought I’d give it a try. And let me tell you: I absolutely love it.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation 04 Light Porcelain

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation 04 Light Porcelain

I totally picked this up on a whim, simply because instead of almost €15 it was now only €10. The shade range seemed reasonable (another reason why buying foundations is a drag!) and I found a shade that looked like it could be light enough. This shade is definitely a summer shade for me, but it’s good to have a foundation that works well in warmer weather too of course.

The foundation comes with a pump in a straightforward glass bottle. Nothing fancy, nothing too special. On the bottle it promises to give you a 100% poreless look and an airbrushed effect. The color in the bottle looks quite pink, which is quite unique for a drugstore foundation. Most drugstore foundations have a yellow undertone as that suits most people, but if you’re more cool to neutral toned like me, then a foundation with a pink undertone is much better suiting.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation 04 Light Porcelain

When you squeeze out one pump, the foundation dispenses a quite royal amount of product. It produces a blob of foundation that is quite thick and solid. For a summer foundation you might expect something lighter and runny, but one of the reasons why I think this is perfect is because it blend in very nicely and has a slightly dewy, satin matte finish. Because of that finish this foundation lasts all day. Even when you’re getting hot and sweaty.

On the swatch this may look quite a bit dark for me, but when it is blended out, I find this foundation is currently the perfect match for me. I’m not sure what’s wrong lately, but whenever I’ve been swatching face product they come up so dark in the swatch/ my arm, but when I apply them to my face they look really okay. Last but not least, this foundation has a medium coverage, that can be build up to full coverage, but remember that this product is quite thick so applying too much might make it same too cakey.

Nothing – On one side of my face

Whenever I take pictures for foundation reviews, I always like to apply the foundation to only one half of my face first. This way I think you can clearly see the effect of the foundation. My skin has been doing really well lately, so I am not suffering from too much redness. Though I do have some dark spots popping up on the tops of my cheeks lately and I picked a spot on my face that turned into a little red scabbed over wound. Excuse the detail, but I think this truly allows you to see how much coverage this foundation has.

Full face – color match

Full face my skin looks a lot more even and like I said this color is currently a perfect match for me. It blends out nicely, looks very natural as it is not too matte and blends in like a dream. This foundation looks like skin on, despite its fairly thick texture. I’ve been wearing this for 2 – 3 weeks straight now and so I’ve put it through a lot of long day wears. I wore it shopping on one of the most humid days of the year and it stayed on fine, as well as putting it through my regular 7 – 7 work days.

When I’ve applied the rest of my make up, you can clearly see the full effect of this foundation. I did powder my t-zone as that is a part of my face that gets oily quite easily, especially during summer. Paired with a bronzy golden eye and a coral lip, I find this look to be a flattering summer look that has been my go to for these past few weeks. If you’d like to know what eyeshadow I’m wearing here: a review of the palette I used will be up on Wednesday, so stayed tuned for that!

Yes, all in all, the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation is a good drugstore foundation. It’s a shame this doesn’t receive much more buzz despite it not being the newest product out there. The shade range is quite decent, the staying power is bang on and it gives a very natural, demi-matte finish. This has been a very unexpected love for me.

What drugstore foundation have you been wearing?

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  1. Great review! I recently started using the Tarte amazonian clay foundation. It is not a drugstore foundation, but it provides great coverage and there’s also SPF 15

    • I’ve heard great things about it! Though I heard it’s more of a full coverage than anything else and I usually opt for slightly less coverage. This foundation is truly an exception.

    • Ik hem een Face & Body helemaal opgemaakt! Fijne foundation. Als het echt heel warm is ga ik ook voor BB cream of helemaal niks op wat concealer na.

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