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Silver shampoo isn’t a product I had used before. I maintain my natural blonde hair color by using the sun in the summer and a blonde spray in winter. However, my hairdresser mentioned that that results in a rather brassy look, which I wholeheartedly agreed with. In order to maintain a nicer blonde color, the solution is silver shampoo to reduce the amount of yellow tones in your hair. She used it on me in the salon and I decided to take home a bottle. I’ve been using it weekly ever since and I thought I’d share with you my experiences.

Damn Nice Hair Violet Silver shampoo Yellow Neutralizing

What this product is, is a purple shampoo. It isn’t the first purple shampoo I’ve ever tried. Years ago, I tried Lush’ Daddy-O shampoo, which I liked, but which I didn’t notice doing a whole lot for my brassy toned blonde hair. Since this shampoo was bought at my hairdresser’s this isn’t a cheap product. It costs €18.50 for a bottle of 235 ml. According to the hairdresser however, this should work a lot better than most silver shampoos. Let’s put it to the test.

The bottle is quite simple and minimal in its design. I like that. It isn’t massive, which makes it easy to hold. The dispenser is nice as well: you just click it open with one hand and squeeze out some product which makes for easy, fuss free application.

Damn’s Violet Silver Shampoo promises to de-yellowfy brassy tones in blonde and grey hair. It should maintain the ashy undertones of your hair while refreshing your highlights and have a pleasant scent. The scent isn’t super noticeable. Which is good, as I am not a fan of overly scented products. Albeit, perfume is fairly high up the list.

Other ingredients is a mixture of abracadabra and common sense ingredients. There is SLS in this shampoo which means it can be a tad stripping. But in addition, there’s camomile extracts, aloe vera juice and many other ingredients around the halfway mark of the ingredient list that all sound like they do something for your hair.

I was quite shocked to see how purple this product was when I first started using it. The foam is even a light lavender. It suds up nicely and is spread easily throughout the hair. I like how economic this is. All I use is a euro sized amount in the palm of my hand and that is enough to cover my hair.

How I use this is quite straight forward. I only use it once a week because it’s quite a stripping and powerful shampoo. What I will do is wash my hair as usual using shampoo and conditioner. Then I will take some of this and spread it in my hair. Then I put up my hair with a hair band and continue the rest of my shower routine. I don’t rinse it out until the very end of my shower.


The result is fresher, less brassy looking hair. I definitely notice a difference since using this product. Before my ‘roots’ stood out as they seemed grey against the rest of my hair. Right now they just fit right in as the rest of my hair isn’t as warm toned. Damn’s Silver shampoo doesn’t necessarily lighten my hair, but the ends that are blonde and have a tendency to look yellow the quickest now don’t. It just makes my hair look fresher and ashier, which is a result I’m very pleased with.

What are your experiences with silver shampoo?

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