Styling a statement necklace

Today I thought I’d do something a little bit different. I hardly ever talk about accessorizing on here and that’s because I don’t accessorize much with my outfits. I will just wear a bold lip and a cool nail color and let that be the accessories. Wear I used to deck myself out in different earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets, I have turned into a true minimalist when it comes to jewelry. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like a bold statement piece to spruce up an outfit. These are my favorites.

This bright red dress just livens up with a bit of chunky jewelry, don’t you think?

This red dress is from H&M and I got it a while ago. The necklace was from Primark I believe, which is a got spot to shop for inexpensive accessories. The dress itself is quite sleek and I like how the necklace adds a bit of bulk and interest to an otherwise fairly plain dress. What I like about the necklace is how it has so much going on: from bits of chain dangling from the necklace to a chunkier chain, combined with a very structured bib like look. The line of the necklace perfectly lines up with the neckline of the dress which is why these two go together so nicely.

Toughen it up!

A classic button down blouse is my favorite way for pairing statement necklaces. This necklace may not seem very statement at first, but when you look more closely you can see how it is a set of eagle wings that spread along your collar bone. It’s not big and bulky as the first one, but it can take a classic looking top such as this nude Asos shirt and make it much cooler looking. Necklace is from H&M.

Preppy chic

I love adding a bit of preppiness in my outfits and a great combo for that is a shirt underneath a sweater. But just popping a bit of collar from underneath your sweater can get quite boring. So what I like to do is to add a statement necklace. Now again, perhaps not as statement as many necklaces, but I love how the pointed shape of the necklace ensures it just peeps from underneath the collar. This Primark necklace works best with pointed collars. Shirt and sweater are H&M.

Adding a graphic element

Using necklaces and accessories is a great way of adding a different texture to your outfit. The bars of this H&M necklace has different lengths that are longer in the middle than off to the sides. And that’s exactly why I like it. Again, works perfectly with otherwise plain button downs, but I have worn this loads with crew necked t-shirts as well. It is a bit more statement than a nice dainty piece of jewelry, but not too over the top to take away from the rest of the outfit. This is the same Asos blouse as you can see above.

A pop of color

Finally, another great way of using a statement necklace is to add a pop of color. This blue and black ensemble (both necklace and shirt are Forever 21) works perfectly as the blue nicely contrasts with the shirt. A nice added detail is the gold colored setting of the necklace matching with the gold buttons on the shirt. The blue instantly brightens up an outfit and keeps the black from turning too sombre and dark. I especially like pairing this necklace and shirt if the rest of the outfit is all black as well.

How do you wear a statement necklace?

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  1. Leuk gecombineerd! Ik vind het altijd erg moeilijk om zulke kettingen te combineren met outfits

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