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My selection of dishware was in for a much needed update. I had had the same plates for years and many of them had cracked and when I smashed a matching bowl I decided it was high time for a crockery update. I went with a complete mishmash of different lines, available from different stores. Not only do I like that aesthetic, I also think it will be easier to replace items once they break. As long as I stick to the blue & white color scheme, I will be good.


My new crockery

None of this is Delft blue of course, but some of the pieces here were most likely inspired by it. I got 4 large plates, 6 smaller plates and 8 bowls. I love food from bowls so they get a lot of use. Plus I needed a few extra plates and bowls for whenever I have friends over for dinner. I bought everything from Xenos and Blokker, two dutch shops that sells many things for in and around the house.

Apart from liking the look and feel of mismatched plates and bowls, I also decided to go with different prints and patterns for a more practical reason. From one line I liked the dinner plates, another line I thought was rather expensive for what it was, again another had perfect breakfast plates. Instead of trying to stick to buying from one line and not liking one item, I now have items that I in fact like and enjoy using again.

These four plates are all from Xenos. The three plates with the darker blue scheme and all over print are from the same line of crockery. I decided to get different prints as much as I could. I only have two of the top left plate. The bottom right plate is from a different line and is one of the large dinner plates you saw in the first picture. I like how the middle is white, while the edge is patterned.

The top two are plates from Blokker. These are the same size as the Xenos plates, but the edge is a bit flatter. I liked the patterns on these the best, but these plates were fairly expensive. I’m not sure anymore how much, but since I loved the design so much I decided to splurge.

On the bottom you can see some of the bowls I got from Xenos. The ones on the right match the dinner plates I got and are a bit smaller. The other 4 bowls, which are insanely great for pretty much anything as they are the perfect size, are from again a different line from Xenos. I love how there are all these different patterns available for these bowls and I use them all the time.

The last two bowls match the two plates I got from Blokker, so that’s also where these are from. They are again a bit smaller and the perfect size for dips, nuts, snacks and mashing things up. These again have a slight flatter edge than the other bowls, which makes it very easy to get your fork in there and start mashing away.

I know this is a bit of a random post, but I have been using these items for the past few months and have loved them since. A bit crazy to love some crockery, I know, but I just thought I’d share. I hope you enjoyed seeing my little collection of plates and blows.

What crockery do you use?

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  1. Love that you mixed it up! I think there’s something inviting about that approach. Like a perfectly matched set is a bit stuffy. I use Le Restaurant by Noritake. It’s all black & white with various restaurant scenes sketched in the centers. I like to pair it with black & red solid pieces.

  2. I love this post! Having kids though, I have to wait with updating my crockery for a while 🙂
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring us.

    • I can only imagine! I would still like to own a ‘nice’ set of crockery some day. But for every day use this works out just fine. Thanks for your positivity!

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