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A few months ago I reviewed some of the NYX Liquid Suede liquid lipsticks and loved them. That is why I was curious to see whether their more nude line of liquid lipsticks, the Lip Lingerie, would be as good. I searched online and ordered a few, as well as one Liquid Suede color I wanted to buy, but which had sold out when I bought the others. May I present you: the NYX Lip Lingerie and Liquid Suede lipsticks.

NYX Lip Lingerie Satin Ribbon, Lace Detail, Teddy NYX Liquid Suede Soft Spoken review swatch

NYX Lip Lingerie Satin Ribbon, Lace Detail, Teddy
NYX Liquid Suede Soft Spoken

Apart from a review of these lipsticks, I will also be comparing the two formulas. NYX describes the Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks as having a plush matte finish, whereas the Liquid Suede should have a velvety-matte finish. The main difference between the two lines however, is the shade selection. Where Liquid Suede features some bright, in your face colors, Lip Lingerie features nudes in different shade and hues. At €8.80 a piece, both ranges are priced the same.

When I placed my order many of the Lip Lingerie shades had sold out. I would have loved picking up a more mid tone shade, but instead I went with 2 of the lightest shades in the range and one of the darkest ones. Satin Ribbon and Lace Detail look very similar in the tube: one is a tad more neutral, whereas the other is a tad more pink. Teddy is a straight up brown. Soft Spoken is the odd one out here and of the Liquid Suede line and this is pretty deep toned dusty rose.

All shades are nudes, or neutral depending on your skin tone. Of course against my super fair skin, Teddy will look a lot more like a statement than when you’d be medium to dark skinned. But since browns are all the rage these days, I decided to give it a shot and go for that ultimate 90s lip look. As far as nudes go, Lace Detail and Satin Ribbon are very nude, which is a look I don’t normally go for as it is none too flattering on me. It easily makes for the mask of death look, whereas shades like Soft Spoken just work very well on me.

The packaging is simple. I love how both lines of liquid lipsticks show you easily what shade you are grabbing for. In the Lip Lingerie line this is done with clear packaging which shows the color. In the Liquid Suede line this is done by making the tube the color of the lipstick. Clever and an easy way to tell you liquid lipsticks apart.

One of the biggest differences between the two lines, I noticed when first opening up the tubes. On the left you see the applicator for the Lip Lingerie line, on the right is the applicator for the Liquid Suede lipsticks. As you can see, the latter is more slanted at an angle and the actual wand is much shorter. I prefer the Lip Lingerie applicator: it is more precise and easy to work with.

NYX Lip Lingerie Satin Ribbon, Lace Detail, Teddy NYX Liquid Suede Soft Spoken review swatch

Satin Ribbon – Lace Detail – Teddy – Soft Spoken

Swatched you can also see a difference in texture. The three Lip Lingeries on the left have a drier, almost powdery texture. The Liquid Suede on the other hand, starts off with a creamier texture that slowly dries down to a velvet matte finish. Despite the powder like finish of the Lip Lingerie they are still very comfortable to wear, as are the Liquid Suede.

As far as shades go, you can clearly see them here. Satin Ribbon is a smidge lighter and more beige than Lace Detail. Teddy is your straight up brown and Soft Spoken is a deeper dusty rose. I couldn’t wait to try these on my lips.

NYX Lip Lingerie Satin Ribbon, Lace Detail, Teddy NYX Liquid Suede Soft Spoken review swatch

On my lips you can also clearly see the difference in texture. Satin Ribbon bunched up in the fine lines of my lips a little bit and is a touch too light to cover up naturally pigmented lips. Lace Detail is a true my lips but more nude type of shade. Teddy is quite intense and appears to have a hint of red in it on my lips. Soft Spoken, on the other hand, pulls a bit less dark and slightly more mauve on my lips.

But I do have to say that all these shades have excellent coverage and an even finish. Especially these light nude shades like Satin Ribbon and Lace Detail do a good job of covering up my natural lip shade. One reason why I hardly wear nude lipstick is because it usually doesn’t cover my natural lips. Staying power wise these are also very much on point. I’d say 4 – 5 hours without touch ups.

Satin Ribbon – Lace Detail

Teddy – Soft Spoken

In a full face picture, the difference between Satin Ribbon and Lace Detail is minute. I’d say Satin Ribbon is a tad more brightening as it has more beige in it. But Lace Detail probably complements my skin tone best, due to its more pink undertone. If I have to choose between the two, I would go with Lace Detail. Teddy and Soft Spoken are both very flattering shades, though I do have to say, it takes getting used to seeing myself in brown lipstick.

Yep, these are some great liquid lipsticks for the price. They have good staying power, the textures are nice, the shades are interesting and especially for a nude-nude lip, the lightest shades do a good job as they don’t make me look ghostly pale. My favorite shades have to be Lace Detail and Soft Spoken, but Teddy also has won its way into my heart.

Which shade is your favorite?

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  1. I own also one Lip Lingerie liquid lipstick. I don’t remember the tone name by heart but it’s one of the dusty dark red nude tones. It stays on really well, only needs a slight retouching after eating. 😊

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