Fall fashion haul part 1 (incl. try on)

In today’s video I have part 1 of a 2 part haul for you. The other half will be up next week. I recorded the video and once I was done I had 45 minutes of footage: a bit much. So I decided to split the video up and upload them in two different weeks. Today’s part includes everything I bought over the past 4 months from H&M, Asos and Mango. Next week, I will show you what I got from Vila, Only, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Costes, Clarks and from a Vintage kilo sale. So please stay tuned!

A selection of items I bought over the past few months.
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I know, I know, I went a little ham this season. But fall is just my favorite season for shopping clothes. The layers, the coats, the scarves, the colors: there isn’t a lot I don’t like about fall fashion. It is the season I anticipate the most fashion wise and it’s the season I love to dress in, together with spring. It’s not so cold that the only thing you can wear are unflattering knits that you can wrap yourself up in. Neither is it too hot for you to be sweating buckets the minute any piece of fabric touches your body. It’s the season I find myself being the most versatile in my wardrobe, hence my love for all things fall fashion. Which is why, you will be getting not 1, but 2 hauls, as I simply couldn’t think of what to leave out. On to part 1 !

Products mentioned: (click the links to find the items online)

What did you buy to update your wardrobe for fall?

10 responses to “Fall fashion haul part 1 (incl. try on)”

  1. You have bougth great fashionitems.
    Love the ruffle blouse and everything with a turtle neck.
    What kind of sizes do you have and do you shop at h&m and mango in the shop or on internet?


  2. You’ve done an amazing job with this blog! I love how you’ve put your scheduled theme posts for each day. I would never be that organised! Do you mind me asking what camera you use for vlogs/photos? Really want a good one for Christmas but not too expensive!

  3. […] My first ever pair of Chelsea boots was this heeled version by H&M. I no longer own these as I had worn these so much the soles completely wore out and they started to hurt while walking. H&M still do a similar style in a faux suede in their current collection. Since I knew I got so much wear out of these, I upgraded them for a pair by New Look at the beginning of fall, which I showed you in my fall fashion haul. […]

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