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Metallic is one of the biggest trends for fall. Not just in fashion, but also in make up it seems. I thought I would show you a few options of how to easily add a metallic touch to your make up look. From stunning metallic eyeshadows to some incredible nail polishes and even a lipstick: these are my 10 favorite metallic finish make up products.

Do you use metallic finish make up products?

I personally like a good pop of metallic shadow on the lid. Combined with all matte shadows in the crease, it can make for a very flattering look. That’s why there are a quite a few shadows here. But I don’t shy away from a bit of an experiment so I’ve been trying metallic lipstick as well as nail polish for a while and today I thought I’d share my absolute favorites.

Urban Decay Naked 3 – Trick

From the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, there is one shade in particular that I love. Trick is my go to shade whenever I open up this palette. It is simply the best rose gold shadow you will ever find.

Topshop Lipstick Armour

My first toe into the waters of metallic lipsticks was this one by Topshop. Armour is a rose toned metallic lipstick. It has a very metallic finish and where I thought this would look hideous on me, I tried it on and it doesn’t look too shabby. I posted a review of it here: what do you think?

NYX Rust
Catrice Mirror Mirror

I also have a few depotted eyeshadows that fall into the metallic category. Rust by NYX is a stunning metallic cranberry red shade with a hint of a golden sheen to it. Stunning on the eyes for creating a great fall look.

Mirror Mirror by Catrice is an old limited edition shadow that I have hung onto for ages. It is simply one of the best silver eyeshadow out there and I can’t believe this isn’t permanent. It doesn’t pull too blue, nor is it too icy: it’s simply perfect.

Urban Decay Vice palette Blitz

I have said it before and I will say it again: Blitz from the very first Urban Decay Vice palette is the best gold eyeshadow in the world. Again, sadly this was limited edition but is stunning. It is a very intense shade with a great texture and good blendability. This is liquid gold in a powder eyeshadow form.

Marc Jacobs The Starlet palette

If you are looking for a more permanent metallic option then the Marc Jacobs The Starlet palette is a great option. This is metallic shadow heaven. Why? Not only because all 7 shades have a gorgeous metallic finish, but because there are three shades that pretty much represent the metal of Olympic metals: there’s a gorgeous bronze, a gold and a icy silver shade. Not convinced? Then check out my review.

Catrice Liquid Metal eye pencils Leaf The World Behind, Hazel the Hoff, Blingo Starr, You’re So Gold Fashioned!
Gosh Velvet Touch eyeliner Golden Cadillac, Girl Power

If there is on product from Catrice that I feel doesn’t get enough love it’s the Liquid Metal eyeliners. These are some of the smoothest eyeliner on the market and there are a few stunning metallic shades like a silver and a gold to boot. Gosh’ eyeliners are of a great quality as well. This gold and copper are a hint more subtle and the colors not too appealing to me, but they still make a great metallic eyeliner.

Trick, Marc Jacobs 1-2-3, Rust, Blitz, Mirror Mirror, Armour, Liquid Metal, Gosh

As you can tell from the swatches all of these products are super intense and swatch beautifully. There is plenty to choose from if you are looking for some great metallic make up products. But wait, that’s not all! If you don’t like anything metallic on your face, then a metallic color on the nail might just be the solution for you to get with the trend.

China Glaze Midnight Kisses
Catrice Metalight

There are countless metallic finish nail polishes, so it was hard to narrow it down to just two. I went with a gold and a rose gold as I think that’s what most people like. Also formula wise I like these two. Metallic polishes can be a bit streaky at times, but I find that these perform excellently on the nails. Midnight Kisses gives your nails the look of having foiled gold leaf onto your nail and is perfect for the Holiday season. Metalight looks nude in some lights, but in others it is a stunning shiny rose gold.

What metallic make up item do you love?

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  1. I love NYX cranberry red eyeshadow! It looks beautiful! 🙂 Also, how do you apply swatches that they come out so well pigmented and lined?

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