Top 5 OPI nail polish

You all know by now that OPI is my favorite high end nail polish brand. I love the formula, I love the longevity and I love the shade selection. I felt it had been a while since I showed you my favorite OPI shades. What I usually do is buy the limited edition colors, but there are many shades in the range usually that are very similar. But these 5 are my current absolute favorite OPI polishes.

Top 5 OPI nail polishes

Top 5 OPI Nail Polish

The shades I’ve selected aren’t necessarily fall colors per se. In fact, there are two shades which I don’t think I’d wear much during fall, but more during spring and summer. Still those colors have to be part of this blog post as they are two shades that I go back to time and time again. And you know a nail polish is your favorite if you can’t stop wearing it.

Top 5 OPI nail polishes

OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around (Brazil Collection)

Let’s start with something neutral. No one does a good neutral like OPI in my opinion. Other brands that do them make them too sheer, too dull or just I don’t know… To me it’s just not it. But when OPI does a nude color it instantly makes it onto my wishlist. Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around is my favorite as it has the right balance between beige and pink and it looks very flattering against my skin tone.

Top 5 OPI nail polishes

OPI Give Me Space (2015 Holiday collection)

Then for something completely different! Give Me Space is a deep blue with lots of silver sparkle. This is great for the Holidays, so it couldn’t be more apt that this was part of last year’s Holiday collection. OPI does some great glitters and shimmers too and I like jazzing up my nails every now again.

Top 5 OPI nail polishes

OPI Aloha from OPI (Hawaii Collection)

A good bright shade is a must have on my toes and finger nails for the summer time. Aloha from OPI is the perfect bright coral for me. I’ve tried many corals, but none of them have the effect his does. It’s almost if I look more tan than I am when wearing this. It truly is an eye catcher and just looking at this polish makes me think of summer.

Top 5 OPI nail polishes

OPI You’re Such a Budapest (Euro-Central collection)

My go-to spring nail polish is OPI’s You’re Such a Budapest. This periwinkle/ lilac shade is just the best not so pastel, yet still light shade with some good color pay off. I especially like topping this off with a glittery topcoat. I love the clash of this shade against a green glitter top coat for some reason. It just reminds me of fresh flowers in a grassy garden.

Top 5 OPI nail polishes

OPI Cement the Deal (50 Shades of Grey collection)

The final polish is more perfect for fall/ winter again. I honestly didn’t think I’d like a grey polish until I found Cement the Deal. On my, grey nail polish can easily look too much like I’ve got dirt on my nails, but this has a hint of blue to it which makes it much more flattering. It’s again quite pale, like a pastel version of a grey and I mostly wear this on its own, but with a glitter accent on one of my nails.

What are your favorite OPI nail polishes?

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