Most treasured fashion finds

For this week’s fashion post, I thought it would be fun to show you some of my wardrobe’s key pieces. These aren’t necessary seasonal pieces, but fashion items that I was very happy to come across. I don’t wear these year round per se, but what they most definitely do is fill in a gap in my closet. Whether it is being the perfect blazer, or the comfiest heel, these are some of the items that I cherish the most.

8 of my most treasured fashion finds

8 of my most treasured fashion finds

So one thing you should know about me is that my style has never been fixed. I don’t have a uniform and can look like a completely different person every day of the week. From lazy bum to classy lady and grungy fashionista to girly girl: it’s all part of my fashion arsenal. That is why these pieces are very random and definitely do not go together. Yet, they are some of my favorites in my wardrobe and I couldn’t think of my closet without these pieces in it.

Baby blue lace dress (Asos)
Black blouse with gold buttons (Forever 21)

The Asos dress wasn’t love at first sight for me. A few years ago they did this in many different colors and I had been umming an arring over the purchase for weeks until I finally ordered it. When it finally came, I fell in love. It has a fully lace back, a gorgeous sweetheart neckline and a very nice singed in waist effect. I haven’t worn it much as it is such a special piece and it’s definitely one I wear to special occasions only.

A black shirt is a must have in any closet and I only own one: this one! This was a complete impulse buy: I was shopping in Boston at Forever 21 and I couldn’t find that many pieces to my liking. I only bought a bag and this shirt and both have been absolute hits in my wardrobe. This shirt is perfect as it has a baggy fit, which makes it versatile and the gold buttons add a nice detail which means you can dress this up or dress it down.

Red woolen blazer (Vintage)
Striped flowy top (Urban Outfitters)

I find it very hard to find the perfect blazer. I am more of a casual cardigan or jacket type of girl. But then I spotted this one at a vintage store called Blitz in London and I loved how it fit. This shade of red (which is washed out by my camera, apologies) suits me very well and I love pairing this with a pair of skinny jeans and some brogues. It is the ultimate manly/ androgynous item in my wardrobe and you know how I love mixing up a bit of masculine and feminine for my looks.

Floaty tops are nice, but not so flattering on when you have a bigger chest. However, this one was a major exception and it is THE shirt that set off my stripy shirt craze last year. I love the drape of this shirt: the sleeves come down quite a bit on me, which actually makes this top look anything but frumpy. The sheer panel at the top also adds an unexpected twist to this otherwise basic shirt and just enough interest to have this piece be the eye catcher of an outfit.

White broderie Anglaise top (Pieces)
Green paisley print trousers (ZARA)

Broderie Anglaise: a style of fabric that can be quite pricey to purchase. I own a ZARA skirt along this style, but I really wanted to own a top for the longest time. For summer, my idea of the perfect outfit, is this type of top, with a skater skirt and a denim jacket. It just makes for that instant romantic/ 70s vibe. It is quite a girly piece, but because this has a boxy fit, it works out to be a very versatile piece.

Some of the loudest trousers I own are these green paisley pants. I remember shopping with a friend and seeing these and her thinking me crazy for liking them. I went back to the store a few days later to buy it. I just loved them too much. That’s why it saddens me to say I haven’t worn them in some time. The reason: they currently do not fit me as I put on some weight the past 2 years. However, I am currently working on losing some and hopefully I can wear them again this winter.

Burgundy corduroy skirt (Topshop)
Grey mary jane pumps (Sacha)

You must be sick of hearing me talk about this skirt, which I bought last winter. But it is one of my most favorite skirts I bought in a long time. The color is stunning, the fabric is nice and thick and warm and it just very flattering on. I love pairing this with a stripy sweater or a basic tee. Add on a cardigan and a chunky boot and you’re out the door!

My final treasured fashion find is this very well loved pair of beaten up mary jane pumps. I have had these for years and they are quite possibly the easiest heeled shoe I own. This is the pair of shoes that taught me how to walk in heels. I wore them to every single job interview I’ve ever done and still wear them as dancing shoes to complement some vintage style outfits.

What are your most treasured fashion finds?

P.S. I am hoping to film a lookbook for you soon. Are there any fashion items you’ve seen on my blog that you want me to style up? Let me know in a comment down below!

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