The Body Shop Christmas 2016

Eek! It’s November which means we can start thinking of Christmas. The Body Shop is nicely helping us along with doing that, as they have just released their new Christmas scents to stores this week. There are three scents and all three are different from anything The Body Shop has put out before, yet still similar to some old favorites. Meet Frosted Berries, Spiced Apple and Vanilla Chai.

The Body Shop Christmas 2016

The Body Shop Christmas 2016:
Frosted Berries
Spiced AppleVanilla Chai

I love The Body Shop Christmas scents, but not every scent has been my favorite. Last year saw the release of Frosted Plum alongside an old school Cranberry and a Glazed Apple variety. The Cranberry and Apple weren’t my favorite and I was sad to see my favorite Christmas scent, Vanilla, to have been discontinued. So you can understand my joy when I found out that a vanilla scent would be back alongside two updated berry and apple flavors. Let’s have a closer look!

Frosted Berries

Unfortunately there is no such thing as smell-o-vision yet, so you’ll have to make do with my descriptions. The Frosted Berries scent is a very sweet and fruity. Where the classic Cranberry smell had a sour and slightly tangy smell to it, this one is more like forest fruits. I am not too keen on overly sweet scents but this intrigued me as it has a very warm and rounded smell to it, which I think is perfect for the colder months.

Spiced Apple

An unsuspected favorite this year is Spiced Apple. The apple scents were always my least favorite scents of the TBS Christmas collections. I am just not one for apple scent. I also don’t like that DKNY fragrance that everyone was going on about a few years ago and I wasn’t a fan of The Body Shop’s version either. But this year, the apple scent is enriched with warm notes of cinnamon and maybe a splash of cardamon. What this reminded me off most? The smell of freshly baked apple pie, or better yet: mulled cider. In short, a very homey scent that just wraps around you like a warm blanket.

Vanilla Chai

But without a doubt my favorite scent is the newly returned vanilla scent. Good heavens, this smells good! If you’ve ever tried a Chai Latte from Starbucks than this is probably the closest you’ll get in smell. Because of the vanilla scent, it does have an added sweetness that reminds me of baking ‘pepernoten’ with my mom when I was a child. The texture of the vanilla shower gels is always a bit creamier and more nourishing as well, which makes it the perfect winter time treat. Since I received the body butter as a PR sample for review, I thought I would dig a little bit deeper into that.

Body Butters are of course The Body Shop’s most iconic products. I don’t know many people who have never tried these delicious body moisturizers before. Depending on the scent I find that creaminess and the thickness of the consistency vary. Some of the fruitier scents are a little thinner than for instance the shea butter or nut based ones.

The body butter for the Vanilla Chai collection has the consistency of most body butters. It is not overly thick, nor is it very thin. It did shift around a bit in the packaging on its way to my house, which is why the product has moved around a bit in the container. The scent is strong but not too overwhelming and since I love using body butters as hand creams before bed time, I just know this will be a perfect scent to fall asleep to.

The consistency is ‘just right’ for a body butter. It is much thicker than a body lotion, but still spreads out easily and blends into the skin very nicely. I found it leaves a bit of a sticky layer on my skin for the first few minutes but it is still quickly absorbed. The result? Soft and smooth feeling skin that is well nourished and don’t forget about that lovely smell.

The Body Shop shower gel €7
The Body Shop body butter €16

Other products available in these lines:
The Body Shop body lotion €10The Body Shop body scrub €18
The Body Shop bath foam €12
The Body Shop lip balm €5
The Body Shop hand cream €5.50
The Body Shop body mist €19

Which The Body Shop Christmas scent are you hoping to try?

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  1. I was so disappointed when I found out that Frosted Plum won’t be available this year. I’m really sceptical about Frosted Berries and I know I don’t like apple scent. Now all the hopes are on Vanilla Chai.

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