My hat collection

For the longest time I’ve been wanting to do a blog posts on my assortment of hats. Over the years I have collected quite a few hats, which I don’t wear nearly as much as I should. I purged the collection late last summer and decided to snap some shots of what was left. Most of the hats I own are suited for fall and winter but I do have the odd summer piece thrown into the mix.

H&M Grey Fedora

H&M does this style of hat every year and since I wore the black one I already owned, I bought this grey one last year. It didn’t get as much wear as it should. The main reason for that is because I purchased a pair of actual headphones which you cannot fit over a hat like this of course. Since this is part wool it’s a nice and warm hat, but it doesn’t necessarily cover your ears. Plus I’d wear this more for style than anything else.

C&A Wide brimmed summer hat

Just before my Budapest trip this year, I realized I didn’t have a suitable summer hat anymore. The last one I owned got destroyed in a rain storm in Miami last year and so I searched high and low 2 days before my trip to find a new one. After trying many stores, I found this one for a mere €5 at a store I don’t usually shop at much. And I was happy I had it when I was in Budapest, because with temperatures of over 30 degrees C and a lot of sun this definitely kept me nice and protected.

H&M Burgundy bowler

I adore this little hat. I really really do. But apart from wearing it in a lookbook a long time ago I have yet to wear this out. At the same time I cannot get myself to get rid of it. I like it too much to donate it, but it is a bit too edgy for my everyday wardrobe tastes. I am still waiting for the right moment to wear this to present itself.

H&M Black Fedora

This is the black hat I mentioned above. As you can see this has had quite a bit of love. I wore this non-stop for 3 months 2 winters ago. For an H&M piece that wasn’t too pricey it has held up quite nicely and that’s why it is still a staple I keep in my wardrobe.

LA Dodgers baseball cap

The only sports’ cap I still own is this LA Dodgers baseball cap that I bought in LA in 2008. I bought it mostly as a souvenir, but up until that point I wore loads of ball caps during the summer months and I had quite a few. So far I have worn this maybe twice since buying it as my tastes in hats has changed over the years. I got rid of all of my ball caps over the years. The only reason I hung onto this is because it has some added sentimental value.

H&M Black Beanie

Beanie hats are a staple in a casual wardrobe, but I don’t wear them as much as I should. Mainly because they give you a major case of hat hair, but also because when my hair was longer I didn’t find them that comfortable. Now that I am sporting a shorter do I will have to bust this out again when I get too cold during the winter time.

H&M Grey Beanie

Can you see a pattern? I like my hats in two colors mainly: black and grey. I find they suit me best and go with many of my coats and jackets. This grey number is another fairly simple beanie hat. I would like to have a fancier one: a bobble hat is still on my winter wishlist!

Thinsulate black beanie hat

The oldest hat in my collection is the warmest. I purchased this Thinsulate hat during my first year in college during a very cold winter. And I didn’t have a hat. So I visited this outdoor store that was in my street at the time and it was my only hat for a very long time. This beanie hat has a fleece lining and should keep your head warm even when temperatures drop well below zero. That’s why I call this my ice hat.

I Am… Black Beret

I owned a few fancy beret until a few years ago and I had started to miss them. So one day I randomly browsed this shop at my railway station after work and found this. It’s a 100% wool beret with a floral detail. Till this day I am still contemplating whether to keep the flowers or not, but I haven’t found them offensive enough to chop them off instantly. This has been my winter hat of choice lately and I would like to get one in grey too.

H&M Beige turban

The headband/ turban trend was very real a few years ago and I bought this one from H&M. It has really served its duty as this is the first thing I pull out when my head gets cold. It is too thin for when the cold really settles in, but I pull this out every year for those first nippy days.

What is your favorite hat to wear?

7 responses to “My hat collection”

  1. The other day I made a whole outfit based on a hat that I had. And just when I was about to go out, I took the hat and noticed that it was ruined from moths. With my love for hats…well, I was grieving 😀 Luckily the damage was not big and was reversible.
    If 1, 3 and 4 are woolen, I have a suggestion. Put a few drops on a cloth and go through the hats with industrial vinegar. It will not damage the hats. Au contraire, it will refresh them. Don’t worry about the smell either, just put it on the balcony and it will evaporate. The vinegar will prevent your hats from getting ruined by moths.

    Nice collection, BTW.
    Have a nice day 🙂

  2. Love the burgundy bowler, I would sport that around shopping wearing black skinnies & a white blouse! Very sophisticated & eclectic! My favorite hat is a black wool cloche style I wear in the winter.

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