Random Outfits #5

In today’s blog post I am sharing 6 outfits that I wore in the past couple of months. It was about time I did one of these again! My last one dates back to June I believe. Hence, my very conscious attempt at recording some of my outfits again. You will notice two things: there’s a lot of grey and black and I am mostly wearing pants these days. Boring? Not necessarily, I have just really been loving wearing jeans again lately. I did add a few pops of color here and there in these outfits and I hope you like them.

6 very random outfits

And when I say random outfits, I mean random. One of these outfits I wore to work last September. So there is a little bit of everything here. I think this gives you a good impression of what I have been wearing for fall. Of course I wore many more outfits, but this is just a selection that I thought worthy of recording for the blog. Let’s have a closer look.

Black embroidered jacket (ZARA)
Black Jamie jeans (Topshop)
Navy & black embroidered booties (H&M)

We’re starting with the most recent outfit I wore to work last Monday. I went it mostly black outfit, because well, I just really wanted to wear my black jeans one more time and then I was a bit stomped as to what to pair it with. I ended up going for my Zara jacket which I bought last spring. The weather hasn’t been as cold lately, so a lightweight bomber jacket such as this was very appropriate indeed.

Orange knit sweater (H&M)
Black Jamie jeans (Topshop)
Brown faux suede fringe booties (H&M)

Rewind a few days more and I wore this outfit. I went out for lunch with a friend and then headed to the cinema, so I wanted to be comfy, yet still look stylish. I love this sweater to death. The color is to die for and it is very comfortable indeed. The boots are comfy too and since I was wearing black pants I wanted to wear a shoe that would tie in with the sweater.

Flora kimono (H&M)
Black corduroy trousers (H&M)
Black v-neck t-shirt (Forever 21)
Black concho boots (Asos)

Another very black outfit. The floral pattern luckily adds a much needed pop of color and I love how this outfits plays with textures. The pants I am wearing here had been in my wardrobe for quite some time but they actually didn’t fit me for nearly 2 years. I decided to bust them out and lo and behold: they fit again. That hard work in the gym is finally starting to pay off. I wore this to a conference I attended for work.

Heather grey sweater (Vila)
Polka dot blouse (H&M)
Black Leigh jeans (Topshop)
Black Dr. Marten’s

Flashback to early October I believe, when I wore this quite masculine looking outfit to work. I love it. The polka dot shirt adds a fun pop of print to this outfit and this sweater is so so comfortable. You might notice how I am all about the comfort these days. I paired it with my Topshop Leigh jeans which I have been wearing so much this past year that they have started to show white patches.

Houndstooth blouse (Monki)
Grey Jamie jeans with rips (Topshop)Black booties with crocodile texture (H&M)

This outfit is deceivingly simple. I wore this way way back when the weather was a lot nicer when you could still get away with wearing short sleeves. This blouse by Monki looks very plain in the front, but in the back it has a draped detail which adds a lot of interest. I decided to go fairly monochromatic with the rest of the look, but added a bright pop of color onto my lips for added effect.

Navy blouse (Primark)
Magenta skirt (Vintage)
Black brogues (Primark)

Another more recent outfit is also the most colorful and the cheapest. I got this skirt at a Vintage kilo sale last September and I finally got around to wearing it. I wasn’t sure what to pair it with, but after searching my closet I went with this navy Primark blouse that I think fits the color scheme very nicely. I kept things simple with a pair of black tights for added warmth and a pair of black brogues as I love these longer length skirts with a more masculine shoe.

What have you been wearing lately?

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  1. Leuk hoor. Die oranje trui vind ik heel tof! Ik draag momenteel vaker een grijze wijdere trui. Lekker met dat babybuikje haha.

  2. […] Let’s just start off with the best piece shall we? This Zara jacket has been THE find of the year for me. I bought it on a whim on a day where I wasn’t even slated to go shopping. I simply went to Amsterdam to return something and found myself in Zara and BAM there it was. Every time I wear this someone will comment on it. I like wearing it with an all black outfit, as you can see here. […]

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