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The best affordable cream eyeshadow? The Kiko eyeshadow sticks in my opinion. As you can see I have plenty, but I had yet to write a full review of these. Since these are some of my favorite make up products that are quick and easy to use and come in a variety of shades, you know this will be another raving review.

kiko eyeshadow stick review swatch 04 05 38 19 10 11 40 17 44 31

Kiko eyeshadow sticks:
Kiko Long Lasting Stick 8-hour No Tranfer eyeshadow 04 05 38 19 10 11 40 17 44 31
Kiko Double Dare eyeshadow & eye liner 02 Copper & Chocolate, 06 Steel & Antracite
Kiko Sparkling Trail eyeshadow 06

Kiko does this type of product in a variety of ways. First all, there are the black tubes which are part of their standard line, but they also do these as part of their limited editions. As you can see, I only own three of those: the rest are all part of their regular line. Online these retail for €6.95. In store they are a bit more expensive (around the €8 mark), but they often have discount on them, which has you pay around €4 each. Not bad as this makes them less expensive than a Maybelline Color Tattoo.

The Packaging

kiko eyeshadow stick review swatch 04 05 38 19 10 11 40 17 44 31

In total, the regular line has 31 different shades available. The shades range from a white to a full on matte black and there are different finishes available. Most of them are shimmery, but they also do a few matte ones. Since I own 10 of the regular line, you are about to see a third of the collection in action.

kiko eyeshadow stick review swatch 04 05 38 19 10 11 40 17 44 31

The packaging of all these sticks is straightforward. I like how these click shut: that way you always know whether you’ve closed them correctly and you don’t leave them exposed to air. Additionally, the stick form makes these easy to apply and it’s a lot more hygienic than having to stick your finger into a pot.

The Colors

kiko eyeshadow stick review swatch 04 05 38 19 10 11 40 17 44 31

05 Rosy Brown, 19 Antracite, 31 Iris Blue, 04 Golden Chocolate
10 Emerald Green, 11 Teal, 40 Clover Green, 44 Ocean Blue, 17 Midnight blue
02 Copper & Chocolate, 06 Steel & Antracite
Sparkling trail 06 (not in this picture)
38 Golden Taupe (not in this picture)

I forgot to include a few in this picture, but they are in the swatch below. While the names of these products are mostly numbers only, if you check the Kiko website, you will be able to find the actual shade names. I own 4 neutrals, 3 smokey shades, 3 greens and 3 blues. There are two limited editions that are double ended and come with a creamy liner on the other end.

The Swatches

kiko eyeshadow stick review swatch 04 05 38 19 10 11 40 17 44 31

04, 05, 38, Double Dare 02, 19, Sparkling Trail 06,
Double Dare 06, 10, 40, 11, 31, 44, 17

All of these swatches were made with just one swipe. They are all incredibly pigmented, even the matte shades. What is even better about these is the wear time. These will stay put all day. They tend to dry down a little bit which is why. I still wear these over a primer as my lids are too oily otherwise, but these would make for a great base if used sparingly. I prefer these over the NYX Jumbo Pencils as those crease on me as they are too waxy. In my opinion these are the best budget dupe of the Make Up Forever Aquamatic Waterproof eyeshadows.

The Looks

kiko eyeshadow stick review swatch 04 05 38 19 10 11 40 17 44 31

For looks I had to dig through my archives. I namely use these under shadow mostly. Or, if I’m super lazy or in a hurry, I will slap one of these on and just blend it out. But mostly I love using these for layering. No. 31, Iris Blue, for instance is great underneath Urban Decay’s Metamorphosis: a pale blue shade from the Full Spectrum and Alice in Wonderland palettes that is a bit patchy. Since the shades are a perfect match the Kiko cream shadow is just what that shade needs to amp it up a notch.

kiko eyeshadow stick review swatch 04 05 38 19 10 11 40 17 44 31

In the two looks I’m showing you here, I’ve used 05 Rosy Brown, which is my all-time favorite. If I had to recommend one shade, it would be that one. My other favorite is used in the second look and is the most recent addition. The Sparkling Trail eyeshadow was limited edition sadly enough, but I love how it amps up this purple look I did for Christmas.

The Conclusion

This is one of the staple make up products in my collection. I first discovered these on my trip to Milan in 2014 and I haven’t looked back since. These are creamy, stay put and the shade selection is awesome. Additionally they are insanely easy to use and the hygienic packaging ensure a much longer shelf life. If you are looking for a good cream shadow, then I would highly recommend looking into these.

What is your favorite cream shadow formula?

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  1. These look impressive and I like the look you created with Rosy Brown!
    I’m still a die hard MAC Paint Pot fan. As for stick cream eye shadows, I do like Sephora’s own brand ones.

  2. These look beautiful. i used to collect these before, but I find myself not reaching for these often… Maybe I should give it a try. I love the Nyx ones, but they’re indeed very creamy. I hardly ever use it alone, always topped with an eyeshadow… xoxo Sarah

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  4. […] Kiko cream eyeshadow stick – The Kiko eyeshadow sticks are my favorite cream shadow sticks and they are very affordable. Compared to some other great ones by Make Up Forever and Charlotte Tilbury that I like, these are an absolute steal and they come in an array of colors. I love using this to create more edgy looks and as a layer to make my regular shadows pop. […]

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