Spring trends in my wardrobe

Spring is here! And that mean that fashion trends are changing. I decided to dig through some fashion websites to see what trends are in style for 2017 and then I dug through my wardrobe to see what I could come up with. Out of the 19 items I’m about to show you, only 6 were purchased this season. The rest I already owned previously or were part of other seasonal trends that are still going strong. These are my picks!

spring 2017 fashion trends from my wardrobe

Spring 2017 trends

The idea behind this post is not to try and create a capsule wardrobe or anything like that. I just think it’s fun to see what’s in style and then to see how I match those trend to my already existing wardrobe. It just goes to show that you don’t have to purchase a completely new wardrobe every season to stay current. In fact some of the items I’m about to show you, I’ve had for years.

Neck line, pastels & sleeve details


Green sweater | H&M
Blue fluted sleeve top | Topshop

Pastels are still going strong this season, but to stay up to date, the trend seems to be to add a quirky detail. Slouchy necklines that bare your shoulders are hip and happening, as are bell sleeves. If the rest of the top is quite simple, then that extra bit of detail will amp up the piece and make it very 2017 at the same time.

Sports lux


Linen joggers | Topshop
Velvet bomber | Zara

The sports lux trend isn’t going anywhere yet, but again it’s a slightly different rendition. This time, adding a striped detail is a must. That’s why I went with these two pieces. The joggers are comfy and a touch more chic as they are made of a very breathable linen material and they have a stitched on seem along the leg. The bomber is a great item to throw on to stay warm and trendy at the same time.



Embroidered blouse | H&M
Embroidered appliqué detail on velvet bomber jacket | Zara

A fall trend that is carried on into spring is embroidery on well, everything. From shoes, to jackets, to blouses and tops: if you don’t own an embroidered piece yet, then you’re missing out. I only have a few selected pieces that fit this trend, but the ones I have, I love.



Pink ruffle blouse | H&M
White lace blouse | Forever 21

A very girly romantic style is also in style for spring 2017. Think nudes, beiges, whites and pinks combined with ruffles, lace and frilly details. I’m not a huge fan of frills and ruffles as I don’t find they suit me very well, but if it’s a small detail as on this pink blouse than I do think it suits my style. The white lace blouse I bought last year and has a back closure. I think it would pair great with a faux leather skirt.



Striped t-shirt | ZARA

Does this trend ever go away? I don’t think so and I really don’t mind. I love a good stripe. Owning at least one stripey t-shirt is a must have any season, but for spring and summer it truly becomes a staple you can’t pass up on.

Yellow & nautical


Yellow striped dress | ZARA
Red, blue, white striped cropped top | H&M

Yellow is making a huge comeback this spring and it’s a color that I think many people will find difficult to wear. But I have the solution: just add a stripe! The white breaks it up and what I love about this dress is the flattering fit and flare style, another spring 2017 trend! Nautical stripes are also a staple in your spring 2017 wardrobe, but this time with the added twist of a hint of red.

Blue pin stripes


Blue pin stripe embroidered blouse | Costes

This is very new to my wardrobe. In fact, I haven’t been able to wear it yet. That’s how new this is. But it does fit in with the current 2017 spring fashion trends for a number of reasons. One, it’s a boyfriend fit. Two, it’s super long, which means it could double as a shirt dress. Three, it has embroidery. Finally and fourthly, this has a navy blue and white vertical stripe. That is 4 trends all in one piece.

Materials & textures


Faux leather jacket | Forever 21
Pyjama top | H&M

This spring materials and textures are incredibly important. The pyjama top is still going strong, so having a silky looking item in your wardrobe is a must. A good clash with that is the faux leather trend. If you don’t own one yet get yourself a faux leather biker jacket stat!

Pink & khaki


Pink coat | New Look
Khaki skirt | Forever 21

Not combined of course, but if there are two colors that stand out this spring it’s these two. And if you can own a pink coat, or shoes, then you’re thoroughly on trend. Khaki has of course been around a little bit longer, but that safari inspired look just can’t do no wrong.

Tiny florals


Dress | Forever 21

Floral print is always a good idea, but this season the tiny floral print is where it is at. That or the complete opposite: a cartoonesque blown up floral. This floral print would go nicely with the next trend too: just add a biker jacket and a pair of sturdy boots to take this dress from cutesy to rocker chic.

Rocker chic


Black and white leopard print blouse | H&M

Edgy rocker chic is one of the stand out trends this season. Lots of band tees, ripped jeans and of course: faux leather. An item that fits well within this trend is a black and white leopard print blouse. I bought this one years ago, but H&M is currently doing a very similar piece.

Graphic tee


I Love My MTV t-shirt | MTV

Graphic print on tees haven’t been my jam for years. But this spring they are making a huge comeback. I found this t-shirt when I dug through my closet for my declutter and thought it would fit the bill just nicely.

What spring trends are you wearing?

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