Makeup Declutter | Foundation , concealer, powder, primer

As promised, I would start my makeup decluttering series in June and so here I am. Today will be the first of 6 videos in which I go through my entire makeup collection and decide which items to keep and which items I want to toss for whatever reason. I really hope you enjoy this video and have a good Sunday!

 photo makeupdeclutterbase1_zpsmphoqkti.jpgMakeup declutter #1

foundation, concealer, face powder, primers & setting sprays
This is what we started off with!

What do you think of decluttering your makeup? Do you do it regularly?

6 Comments Add yours

  1. chucky1012 says:

    Wow… so many 😉

    Have a great day Xoxo

  2. Love decluttering posts! x

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      I love decluttering videos. They are my guilty pleasure.

      1. When they first came out, I didn’t really understand them… and then I watched one and I was over them like a rash! x

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