Best bright nail polish

For summer time, I am always into seriously neon bright nail polish. Especially on my toes, but sometimes I will be brave and also slap on a bright polish onto my finger nails. I picked out a few of my favorite shades to show you.

 photo bestbrightnails1_zps6ujuco6k.jpgBest bright nail polish

The reason why I love these polishes is mostly the color. Neon polishes are seriously hard to get right and usually I find the formulas not to be the greatest. Hence my preference of wearing these types of colors on my toes mostly as toe nail polish just lasts a whole lot longer.

China Glaze Pool Party

 photo bestbrightnails4_zpsodlr45us.jpgPool Party is a seriously bright neon coral nail polish. I bought this in Canada and I have no clue how widely this is still available. It is a great in between shade that fuses pink, orange and even a hint of red. The swatch doesn’t do this polish justice as this go on opaque in two coats.

Orly Neon Tangerine

 photo bestbrightnails5_zpsthrrplmv.jpgIf a straight up orange is more your thing, then Orly’s Neon Tangerine is a great one. Again, the swatch doesn’t show off how seriously bright this is. On my feet this looks more like a warning signal than anything else and that’s why I love it. This is less flattering on my finger nails as the orange clashes too much against my fair skin tone. But on my feet in a pair of sandals this looks great.

Models Own Beach Bag

 photo bestbrightnails3_zpsma0kei5l.jpgNot many polishes in my collection are loved so much that I am seriously considering purchasing a backup. This is one of them as I would be very sad to see this go. Beach Bag is a peach toned neon that is bright, but pastel at the same time. What I love about this one is that it makes my hands look more tan when I wear this. It is just one of those shades that doesn’t look like much at first, but that ended up being one of the best nail polishes I own, both shade and formula wise.

H&M Blue My Mind

 photo bestbrightnails2_zpsri71rbl0.jpgA bright blue is I think your safest bet if you want to go bright on the nail. Blues are universally flattering and a good bright blue also doesn’t clash with too many outfits. I love this shade and formula but it is by no means unique: many brands do good bright blues. The only downside to this one is the packaging: getting the lid back on straight is an everlasting challenge.

Formula X Radioactive

 photo bestbrightnails6_zps3rbfskrw.jpgWhen I want to try a new brand of nail polish, I always look for a shade I don’t have yet. Neon green wasn’t part of my arsenal yet until I bough this. I didn’t like the formula: this only lasts about a day on my nails as it just peels straight off. But I still seriously love this color. It is a unique shade in my collection and even though I ended up decluttering it in my video a few weeks ago, I’m afraid I have to admit I fished it out of the pile again and reentered it into my collection.

What is your favorite bright nail polish?

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