Ode to highwaisted jeans

Jeans are one of those clothing items that you love to hate. I don’t know about you, but finding the right jean has always been a hassle. That is, until I bought my first pair of highwaisted jeans. I swear by a good pair of stretchy or not so stretchy highwaisted jeans, preferably from Topshop.

 photo odtohighwaistedjeans1_zps8w4iqady.jpgOde to highwaisted jeans

I wear highwaisted jeans year round. I have darker colors for winter time and lighter colors for summer time. Most of my jeans are the Jamie jeans by Topshop, but I also like their Joni and Binx fit. I hardly have jeans by other brands, but I do own one pair of Asos Farleigh/ Mom jeans and I have a stretchy pair from Cheap Monday that feel like leggings.

What I like about highwaisted jeans? The fit. On my body type I simply feel that a pair of highwaisted jeans fits best. It is the most flattering on, makes my legs look longer and hides every lump and bump I want to hide. I remember wearing those super low jeans when they were in vogue and always having a muffin top, no matter how hard I tried.

Why Jamie jeans? There is only one reason why I love the Topshop Jamie jeans so much. They have a little bit of give, but not so much as to become a full pair of stretch jeans. They are sturdy enough to keep their shape and stretchy enough to be comfortable. They come in an array of colors and finishes, which also makes it easy to add variety to your wardrobe. They don’t break the bank and I have bought several over the years, some of my first ones still going strong.

My most worn pair of highwaisted jeans? A black, blue and grey pair of Jamie jeans, but in summer time I love wearing thinner jeans and opt for the Asos Farleigh jeans as the material is a lot more breathable. In fall, I love wearing my Cheap Monday Second Skin jeans as they are a grey acid wash and go very well with some of my more grungy looks.

How do I wear highwaisted jeans? The question is: how do I not wear them. Highwaisted jeans are easily one of my most worn items to begin with as they simply go with everything. Most of the jeans I have are skinny, which means that they pair nicely with billowy tops, boxy t-shirts and baggy blouses. I simply throw on a pair of shoes (usually boots in fall/winter, sneakers or brogues in spring/ summer) and I’m good to go.

If I had to pick on pair, which is my favorite pair? I think my grey pair of Jamie jeans. Not only was it the first pair of highwaisted jeans I bought all those years ago, but they are easily the comfiest pair too. They have always had a fairly soft quality to them. The color is difficult to fade, so they have worn really well too. Unlike some of my black pairs that I feel you can just keep on buying or redyeing to keep them black. If I’m feeling very casual, I just slap on those jeans and a top and I’m out the door.

What jeans are your favorite?

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