Dior Addict lipgloss & lipstick

I’ve been massively into pink lips these past few weeks. This means that I’ve been busting out every shade of pink lipstick in my collection. Today I’d like to focus on some of my more high end products in this very particular category. Last year, Dior reformulated their Addict lip line and I decided to try some products when there was a discount on.

 photo Diorlipstickgloss1_zpsxjftltyf.jpgDior Addict Lipstick 976 Be Dior
Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss 765 Ultradior

I’m not going to lie: the reason why I bought these two shades is because Jennifer Lawrence wore them in the campaign shots. She is my girl crush and so I decided to go for these two. This was an expensive purchase, but what would you expect with Dior. The lipstick retails for €38.71, while the lipgloss costs €31.61. A pricey pairing but money I am willing to shell out from time to time to truly splurge.

The Packaging

 photo Diorlipstickgloss2_zpsykdb5lb5.jpgDior is one of my favorite luxury brands and one of the reasons for it is their packaging. I get sucked in every time. With the reformulation of the glosses and lipsticks, Dior also tackled the packaging. The casing of the lipstick now has a holographic iridescent shine to it and that trend has been applied to the boxes too.

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss 765 Ultradior

 photo Diorlipstickgloss3_zpszlk9x67q.jpgThe gloss look very chique. Dior Addict glosses are some of my favorite lipgloss on the market. And I hate lipgloss with a passion. So that is saying something. The tube has the brand name embossed onto the side, while it maintains that classic Dior lipgloss look.

 photo Diorlipstickgloss4_zpspsruj9cm.jpgThis gloss comes with a brush applicator. Something I like as it makes for a very precise application. It also makes the product easy to control: it is difficult to apply too much. No such thing more horrible than too much lipgloss. A good thing about this is the texture: it is a thin consistency that is tacky, but not sticky. The gloss contains tiny sparkles in the tube and swatch, but on the lips this disappears and creates an ultra glossy effect.

Dior Addict Lipstick 976 Be Dior

 photo Diorlipstickgloss5_zps4iquadr4.jpgThe lipstick tube underwent most of the changes. The older Dior Addict lipsticks came in a simple clear tube, while the sheer formula came in a dark blue one. The latter now seems to have been reused for the new Lacquer formula, which I’m very curious to try. I like this packaging: you simply pull the lipstick out of the tube at the top and that’s it.

 photo Diorlipstickgloss6_zpsji8in8td.jpgLook at how chic that looks! Dior Addict lipsticks are quite sheer and shiny looking. The formula is very creamy and comfortable on the lips. This is by no means a longlasting lip product, but it does make for a pretty natural look. I love a bright pink lip in the summer time precisely because of the fresh look it gives and that is exactly what this product does.

The Swatch

 photo Diorlipstickgloss7_zpsdeoeolez.jpgOn the left you can see the gloss. The lipstick is on the right. As you can see, the colors are a nearly identical match. That’s why I got both: to compliment another for those days where I do want that fresh, juicy looking lip. These do not smell particularly perfume like, which is also a plus.

The Application

 photo Diorlipstickgloss8_zpsrbgzbjwb.jpgAbove you can see just the gloss on my lips. I have fairly pigmented lips naturally, which means that my lip color always shines through sheer formulas (hence why I wear them so little). As you can see that obvious glitter in the swatch is not present at all. It does make for a very subtle look on its own, which isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, but I bought this to layer on top of the lipstick.

 photo Diorlipstickgloss9_zpsgyhip59w.jpgThe lipstick by itself is more up my alley. It still has that shiny finish to it, but despite the sheer swatch this still has good color pay off on the lips. I think it makes my lips look healthy and this is a great shade to wear with more intense eye looks. This will nicely complement a navy smokey eye for instance.

 photo Diorlipstickgloss10_zpsixgxiub2.jpgFinally, the combination of the two. Here I layered the gloss over the lipstick and this my favorite look. The color is more vibrant, this also stayed on longest and it has that juicy, fresh look I mentioned before.

The Conclusion

Are the Dior Addict lipgloss and lipstick an ultimate must have? They are not if you like your full on matte lip. But if you are into more natural make up, or have strict regulations at work or school for what can be worn, this will be a great option to try out. Yes it’s pricy, but the formula and packaging do definitely take this product to the next level.

What do you think of the Dior Addict range?

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  1. I have a one Dior lip gloss. It’s in the shade Open Me, and it’s gorgeous “in your face” type orange toned red. I like it but on me it tends to bleed on my lips. I got it 2 years ago sk maybe now the formula is different. I know I should declutter it but I can’t. It looks too pretty 😂🙈 Great post! 😊

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