Palette recommendation tag

Palette recommendation tag

You know I love eyeshadow palettes right? If not, then this video will attest to that claim. My obsession made me decide to create more content surrounding palettes. I have plenty of them and just want to share the love. The first in that series? The palette recommendation tag in which I will take you through 10 questions and show you sometimes multiple options depending on what your wishes are.

 photo paletterecommendationtag1_zps4p2w3fat.jpg

Palette recommendation tag

The questions:

  1. Best Palette for Beginners
  2. Best Drugstore Palette
  3. Best Palette for Work/School
  4. Best Palette for a “Natural” Way to Play with Color
  5. Biggest Bang for Your Buck
  6. Best Palette for [Insert Your Skintone Here]
  7. Best Palette for [Insert Your Eye Color Here]
  8. Best All in One Palette
  9. Best for Travel
  10. One You Do NOT Recommend

If you would like to do this tag, feel free!
Enjoy your Sunday.


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