How to add a pop of color

If wearing monochromatic black & white outfits is your jam than this post is not for you. Personally I love to brighten up a look and always add a pop of color to my outfit. There are different ways in which I do this: from more subtle to more statement. In the picture below you can see all the options jam-packed into one image. Here are 6 ways in which you can add a pop of color to an outfit.

 photo howtoaddapopofcolor1_zpsiwaebn2c.jpgHow to add a pop of color

Accessories. Quite possibly the easiest way to add a pop of  color is by accessorizing wisely. In the image above you can see a faux coral necklace that adds a nice pop of red. But socks, bags, lipsticks, nail polish and earrings can all serve to add that more subtle hint of color to an outfit.

Shoes. If you’re uncertain about adding anything to an outfit then I think shoes are a great way to experiments with trends, prints and colors. Not sure whether anything metallic is your thing? Uncertain yellow is your shade? Don’t worry: if you wear it as a shoe it will be foolproof. The reason for this is that your feet are the furthest away from your face, which means it is more difficult to clash with your overall look and undertones.

Top. Perhaps you feel more brave, then the colorful top is the next step up. If you buy a color that complements your skin tone and you can easily chuck on with jeans, black trousers or other neutral bottoms, then you’ll pretty much have a safe bet. I am lucky enough to be able to get away with quite a bit of color: from pastels to bold primary colors. Red is one of my favorites and it’s been a color that has been flattering on me my entire life.

Bottom. The bottom half requires a different approach. Here body shape becomes important, because not every color is flattering on every single body shape. Pink bottoms can especially hit or miss if they don’t fit absolutely right as they can simply make it look like you’ve got nothing on. Choose your colors wisely and I prefer to add in a bit of a print to truly make sure my bottom half stands out. I also find colorful skirts and shorts easier to wear than colorful trousers and jeans.

Cover it up. Looking at my closest I think my most colorful section might be my cardigan and jacket section. I love a good cardigan and jacket and wear them to add a pop of color all the time. Black & white dress topped off with a pink cardigan? Check. Or how about a mustard yellow one over a navy blue dress? Cardigans are perhaps the easiest way to add color in a more bold way.

Go all out. Do you feel truly daring? Then why not have our outfit be the pop of color? Dresses are ideal for this and again, I have few white, grey or black dresses in my wardrobe. I truly struggle in that department. The good thing about a dress is that it is an outfit all in one go. All you need is some shoes and depending on the season or climate you live in something to throw on top and/ or tights. It is definitely a bolder statement to make, but if you take it step by step, then this will come natural to you in the end.

How do you add a pop of color to an outfit?


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