Rimmel Match Perfection concealer

I’ve been using a new concealer. Ever since I used up my trusty LA Girl Pro Conceal concealer, I knew I wanted to start using a new one and I decided to go with this one. It has the same sort of packaging, but is the product similar too?

rimmel match perfection concealer review swatch

Rimmel Match Perfection concealer 010 Ivory

I bought this concealer in the lightest shade available, which is Ivory. I bought this in the UK, because this shade wasn’t available here until fairly recently. It retails for €8.99. It is available in just 4 shades, which is of course next to nothing. I feel this range runs very light to begin with, so if you are anything deeper than medium, I don’t think this concealer will be available in your shade.

The Packaging

rimmel match perfection concealer review swatch

My main reason for wanting to try this was the packaging. I really liked the brush tip applicator of the LA Girl concealer and hoped this would be as good. I really like this style of applicator as it is just so easy. The brush already allows you to blend out the product a little bit, which makes it super easy to apply. It does make for a bit of a messy lid after a while though, so that is something you have to want to deal with.

The Swatches

rimmel match perfection concealer review swatch

Packaging is where the comparison stops with the LA Girl Pro Conceal. Rimmel’s Match Perfection concealer is a lot more lightweight and emollient: perfect for summer time. Because it is rather thin and watery, it is super easy to blend out, doesn’t look cakey in the least bit and looks very natural. I find this is sort of absorbed by my skin as it dries down, which does mean I have to apply quite a bit in order to cover what I want to cover.

The Application

rimmel match perfection concealer review swatch

Above you can see what I mean: the concealer is quite thin and kind of ‘disappears’ into the skin where the layer is thinnest. This is great for a natural look, but it does mean you have to work quickly as it settles down. Despite the thin texture, the coverage is decent and if you wish you can easily go in with a second layer to amp up the coverage.

Does it work?

rimmel match perfection concealer review swatch

Yes it does: it covers and brightens at the same time. But I do find I have to use quite a bit of product in order to get the coverage I want. I don’t need a lot of coverage, but since it’s so thin, it blends away quite easily, which makes it necessary to go in with another layer at times. Also, you need quite a bit of product to cover the areas of your face. I usually use concealer on my forehead, under eye area, tops of my cheeks, nose and chin and I need a good couple of squeezes to cover all those areas. I have a feeling I will be running out of this a lot more quickly than the LA Girl concealer.

The Conclusion

rimmel match perfection concealer review swatch

The Rimmel Match Perfection concealer is one of the best ones at the drugstore. It is not the cheapest concealer out there, but I like the way it applies and the coverage it gives. It has a natural, fresh look and I appreciate that. Yes, the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer is a good product, I would only wish it came in more shades.

What is your favorite drugstore concealer?

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