Food staples

You know those foods that you always make sure you keep around? Yup, you know the ones, those I would consider my food staples. They are foods I will replace the minute they run out and ideally, I’d make sure I keep a few backups as well just in case. From fruits and vegs to some grains and other products that I can’t live without: these are my food staples.  food staples

Food staples

Bananas – a staple for me are bananas. Not only do they pack a lot of energy and are great as a post workout snack, they are also super versatile. Eat them straight up as is, or slice them up and have a peanut butter banana snack with some rice cakes thrown in the mix. They are also a great way to beef up a smoothie, make soft serve ‘ice cream’, or as a sweetener in baking. They are just a great all-rounder.

Flax seeds – this is a more particular food staple for me. I always, without fail, put flax seeds in my breakfast if I’m having yoghurt. It is a great food to help your digestion come along ever so nicely. I have been using this for years and swear it has made my stomachaches go away.

Oatmeal – oat or oatmeal in some shape or form is a great food to keep around. It makes for a great breakfast, but you can also use it for baking. If you blend it in a food processor it can easily be turned into flour if need be and if you blend together some banana and oatmeal you can actually make some great cookie like treats as well. I like mine as a porridge or ‘overnight’ with some added fruits on top.

Eggs – for me these are a staple as they are again a great way to have an easy meal. Boil or fry some eggs and you will be set within minutes. I also like blending them together with some banana for some healthier pancakes and of course they are a staple in baking. Vegan? You can mimic the effect of eggs in your baked goods with flax seeds and water.

Cheese – a great snack on its own, but also a great accompaniment, cheese is one of the food I keep around to add flavor. I love a good hunk of cheese as a snack, but also love adding slices to fried eggs, on top of baked dishes, pasta and sandwiches.

Yoghurt – for years, without fail, have I had some form of yoghurt for breakfast. Either straight up or thinned with water to create overnight oats, I simply think it’s the easiest and most delicious start of my day. Currently I’ve been into Senoble, which is a type of whipped, almost moussy type dairy product, but I also like plain yoghurt, Greek yoghurt and the like. With yoghurt I mainly look for the amount of carbs it has, as some yoghurts can be quite sweet which I don’t like.

Avocado – my love for avocado is more recent. I love avocado on toast with a boiled egg on top, but have also sneaked it into smoothies for some added thickness. Additionally, it makes for a great salad ingredient and it also makes for a rather delicious pasta sauce. I don’t like it straight up very much, but avocado is definitely a food that I have come to appreciate in recent years.

Chick peas – legumes are a great staple to keep in a cupboard. They often come in tins and they last a life time, which means these are great to keep on hand to always have some food around the house. I love making hummus as a dip, but I have also found to love them roasted with some spices and add them to a salad. A great way to add an ingredient that is filling and delicious.

Coconut milk – remember my mentioning smoothies? My preferred ‘milk’ for making smoothies is coconut milk, so I always keep some in my fridge as well as some frozen fruits. Smoothies are a great way to make a quick and easy meal. Plus coconut milk can be a lot more versatile too: it’s a great ingredient in sauces, curries and the like.

Peanut butter – peanut butter all day everyday, is my motto. I love me some peanut butter! Yes, I will admit to eating this straight up with spoon from the jar, but I also like to pair it with fruit (apple and banana are favorites), as a topping in my morning yoghurt or as a cheeky treat as a smoothie with some added cocoa powder. Peanut butter is just super versatile.

What foods are your staples?

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