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I’m quite loyal to my haircare products: once I have something I love, it takes quite a bit of effort to deter me from using it again. The easiest way to dissuade me from using your product? Discontinue it. And so it happened with my favorite L’Oreal Studioline texturizing spray. From one day to the next, *poof* it disappeared from the shelves and is now nowhere to be found. I tried looking for a replacement and find the Invisi Fix products and gave them whirl.  review l'oreal invisi fix haircare

L’Oreal Studio Line Invisi Fix
Micro-diffusion spray
Precise gel spray

At €4.99 and €4.39 each these sprays are a downright bargain of course. I even bought them on a buy one get one free discount so really it wouldn’t be a big issue if these wouldn’t work. Before I review each of these products, I thought it would be best what I am hoping to find in these products and why.

My hair is a tad fussy when it comes to fixing sprays and the like. My hair is dry and frizzy with natural waves (and some curls). Because I’m blonde, if it looks too dry and frizzy I resemble a poodle. What I am thus looking for is a product that can provide hold (so my waves don’t sag down too much), maintain volume (so I don’t look like something the cat dragged in) and not make my hair look dry, nor greasy or ‘dirty’. but still a little bit messy.

Some people like using dry shampoo for this purpose, but on my hair that is a very very bad idea. Because dry shampoos absorb the oils of your hair my hair looks too dry and frizzy: I need some natural oils to make my hair look healthy. So dry shampoo is a no go. Which is where these sprays (hopefully) come in. The old L’Oreal spray certainly did that, so here’s to hoping these have a similar effect.

L’Oreal Studio Line Invisi Fix Precise Gel Spray

review l'oreal invisifix haircare

I have never used a gel in spray form and that is why this intrigued me. Looking in the bottle, this looks most certainly like a gel, but once you spray it, the mist is actually quite fine. The product promises a super strong hold and to give control and structure without leaving residue. You can spray it onto dry or wet hair and model it with your fingers. Sounds quite fuss free.

And it is. This product definitely fixes my style into place. I do find it makes my hair look a little bit peasy though. It makes for a great look on day one, but on second day hair, my hair looks flat and almost dirty and dry shampoo doesn’t really help to take it away. I also find this weighs my hair down quite a bit: I need an extra product to create some volume. It’s not a perfect match for me, but it certainly gets most of the job done.

L’Oreal Studio Line Invisi Fix Micro-diffusion Spray

review l'oreal invisifix haircare

The product that I had the highest hopes for was this spray. It resembled the old product I had mostly, but it is marketed as a hairspray rather than a texturising spray. It promises natural feeling hair without any residue while having a good hold. This is totally meant to lock a hairstyle into place and is therefore best used on dry hair. You simply spray this all over and your hairstyle is kept as is.

This has to be my favorite of the two. Since it’s not texturising it’s not quite the same as the old spray I used to use, but it definitely comes close. Because this pretty much sets my hair into place, it means that what little volume I have is kept, as are the waves. The promise of no residue is totally apt with this product as it is hardly detectable once you spray it on.

The Conclusion

The Micro-diffusion spray is my favorite of the two as it provides me with what I need. I do feel I need an extra product to add some texture to my hair, but that is where the gel spray comes in. I can use these in combination or separately and it makes for a good, easy hairstyle. Each has a few downsides though, so if you are looking into these, it is best to keep your own hair needs in mind.

What is your favorite hair product?

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  1. Hi Im going back to 2017 here, sorry. Love the Invisi Fix micro diffusion spray but can’t get it in IRELAND. Any ideas where I can buy it? thanks.

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