Dresses worth every penny

You know I love a good dress! Over the years there are a few dresses that I’ve bought that not only stood the test of time style wise but also when it comes to how they wear. I never like to spend too much money on clothes as its so fickle what’s hot and what’s not, but even more so: what I’m into. Luckily, these 6 dresses that held their ground and have become firm staples in my wardrobe. And no, none of these are plain in anyway whatsoever. I love a good statement dress.  dresses worth every penny

Dresses worth every penny

Floral mini wiggle dress | ASOS – I love a good wiggle dress. At least that is what ASOS calls them. In a way they are more like a tulip style dress, where the part across the hips and stomach is wider but runs down more tapered towards the knee: like an upside down flower bulb! I bought this one sale and it fits like a glove. The material is nice and sturdy and the print combined with the elaborate stitched pattern make this a very classy dress too.

Cream polka dot shirt dress | Topshop – This dress isn’t only a staple in my wardrobe, it also has plenty of memories attached to it as I bought this in Dublin. It has a poofy sleeve, and a stretchy waistband and the materials is a soft cotton materials. It makes for one of my favorite looks: a slightly retro and masculine look. I love pairing it with all black tights and shoes (either heels or a pair of brogues) and I wear it mostly during the spring.

Tartan print a-line dress | Men At Work – Sometimes an impulse buy is actually a good one. This was a completely whimsical purchase, but a great one that that. It has a very shapeless a-line to it, but despite that classic 60s shape, the tartan makes it more 90s. Paired with black tights and Dr. Marten’s in the fall time, this is one of my favorite cool girl outfits.

Light blue lace chiffon dress | ASOS – Another Asos dress! I love ASOS for dress shopping as they have some more unique designs. What drew me in about this dress was the color. I love a good baby blue. Because of the white sweetheart off set in the bodice, this dress is sexy, yet classy. The back of this is all lace, which makes it a tad risque for work, but with a white blazer on top and a pair of white brogues this is one of my favorite summer dresses.

Red lace dress | H&M – One of my staples for the Christmas season without being too christmassy, is this dress. The color is of course perfect for the holiday season, but this you could wear year round. It has long sleeves which means it keeps you covered on chilly days or nights and it has a flattering circle skirt. This is one of my skirts that flares out like crazy when you spin around and I’ve been loving dresses precisely for that reason since I was a little girl. I would only wear dresses that did that when I was a kid!

Photoprint skater dress | H&M – This piece is from H&M Trend, which is not a line I shop from a lot. It is usually a little snug, but this dress is a great one. It has a thick scuba like material which makes it very structured. It has that perfect 50s flair and this is one that I keep for special occasions. It is a colorful piece as well, which is why I love wearing this in the summer time with a pair of yellow shoes.

What dress is worth every penny to you?

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  1. Dresses are my favorite summer staple. They are so easy to wear, versatile, and comfortable. I like the cream polka dot shirt dress from Topshop, pair with a beautiful hat, pearl earrings and sunglasses. I like vintage style.

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