Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer

What better time to review a bronzer than the summer time? Bronzer is one of my year-round staples in my make up routine, but I always like to amp it up a notch during summer. I reach for the glowier, more intense bronzers in the summer, but since I’m quite pale, I feel the need to warm up my complexion all of the time. And when you’re fair like me, finding a bronzer that works well can be quite difficult. Is the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer a pale girl’s bronzer dream? Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer Bronzer review swatch

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer Bronzer

Officially called the Physician’s Formula Muru Muru Butter Ultra-Rich Bronzer, this bronzer is much raved about in the online beauty community. Since Physician’s Formula is a brand only available in the US, it seemed impossible to get my hands on. And even though I visited the US in April, I didn’t buy it there. I got mine from online store iHerb. They sell the brand and have incredibly affordable shipping too. Hooray! This retails for €12.31 on their website and I paid €15.45 including shipping.

The Packaging

Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer Bronzer review swatch

Physician’s Formula isn’t exactly known for their packaging. It is mostly quite bulky. The reason? Because the compact comes with a hidden compartment that holds an absolutely useless brush and a mirror. I’d prefer if they’d skip the unnecessary packaging, but since EVERY product of theirs is set up this way I don’t think they’ll change it any time soon.

The Product

Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer Bronzer review swatch

Impractical packaging aside, it’s the product that counts. And that is a straight ace. I got mine in the darkest of the two shades available. I heard that this was a bit more cool toned than the lighter version. Despite this being the darkest shade, it is still incredibly light. A great thing for all those pale ladies out there, but not so much for anyone who is anything deeper than fair to medium.

The Swatch

Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer Bronzer review swatch

What you’ll notice instantly when you swatch the Butter Bronzer is how soft and smooth this product feels. It blends easily and feels, well, buttery soft. No kidding. They couldn’t have come up with a more apt name than Butter Bronzer for this.

The shade is a nice mix between cool and warm. This is one of those all round bronzers that can do it all: warm up the face, add some contour and a little bit of sculpt. While it looks matte in the pan, the swatch shows a tiny hint of sheen, but this is not noticeable on the skin.

The Application

Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer Bronzer review swatch

Firstly I’d like to show you how can pack this on to create a more sculpted, contoured look with this. The result is no harsh line, but a nicely placed, blown out contour that doesn’t leave any lines.

Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer Bronzer review swatch

Secondly, I figured I’d show you how this warms up the face. While it can be packed on to create some depth, it is easy enough to blend to warm up the face without going overboard. With *most* bronzers, I have to be very careful to avoid looking like I just caked mud all over my face. I already use a stipple brush to prevent that, but with this there is no issue. Depending on the brush you use, this can show up even more, but when I’m super pale, I cannot get away with that. It adds just the right amount of glow.

The Conclusion

Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer Bronzer review swatch

I simply cannot fault the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer. It is as amazing as everyone says it is. The only gripe I have is the packaging, but with a product this great, I’m willing to overlook that teeny-tiny drawback. This is definitely a bronzer I will be reaching for again when my skin starts to become paler or once summer is over and my skin can no longer take some of my summer favorites.

What bronzers do you like to wear?

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  1. I have heard such great things about this bronzer but haven’t picked it up yet. At the moment, I’ve been loving liquid and cream products for the summer instead. Great review 💜

  2. I don’t use bronzers a lot but if I do, it’s one from either Rimmel or Essence. I’ve heard really good things about Physicians Formula but I haven’t gotten past the package yet. It’s not pleasing to my eye at all :/

  3. I really love the formula of this too but the smell is just overpowering! And I like the smell, just not so strongly! And yes, the packaging and the sponge applicator thing is rubbish. 😛 I like using this as an all over bronzer, it gives such a nice warmth.

  4. […] Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer – Of course I also need to share a few drugstore options, but those are very hard to find. For some reason, I had trouble finding good drugstore bronzers, but the Physician’s Formula bronzer is one that is excellent. I didn’t even have to buy the lightest available shade! So that is quite unique in itself and many people love this obviously. I am not unique in liking this. The strong scent is something you need to get over a bit, but then you have a great bronzer that comes with a ton of product. […]

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